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I enjoy bash scripting, being a little cyber plumber whacking things with a giant monkey wrench

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gonna log off because meta posts give me too much dopamine for virtually no actual content, but I guess it's a good time for a

name is franklint, early-30s nb from the southeast US

I don't talk about them much but I like to collect old (80s-90s) independent comic books and older sci-fi books. I'm a slow reader but I try to keep an open mind

I collected vintage computers & video game consoles and when i have the time I boot them up

I don't talk about any of those things very much. I want people to feel comfortable. I want people to be their freaky lil self

follow requests are always welcome but if I don't know who you are then you need to PM me a little bit aboput yourself

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If I don't know who you are, then I have to spend time reading your account. If I don't know who you are, then I have to assume that things that *might* be red flags *are* red flags.

You're the one who wants to follow me. Please do the minimal effort of reading my profile and following what I mention there

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Hey, I didn't even think to use tags. Check out this thread if you want to see photos of my collection! It includes a , , , and machines :)

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Before you close a web page make sure you scroll up to the top, so it’s in the right position for the next person

Bandcamp's employees are looking for public support for their unionization efforts. Please sign!

I love the idea of releasing media with titles chosen to fuck with Wikipedia

Someone should release an album titled "2021 in music (2022 album)" and next year release an album with the same title

One Day I Will Have Tits™ and My Enemies Will Weep

ok friends i am approx 24 hours from submitting my grad school application, send me energy like when the villages power up goku

mutual aid request, two disabled trans women getting out of the south 

We're two disabled trans women trying to get out of the South to the Pacific Northwest. I was just hired and we need help with moving costs and housing.

In the past 3 years:
- I went through a transphobic divorce that estranged me from my daughter
- my son passed away
- I was laid off
- I got long covid
- I lost my apartment
- my partner and I fled domestic violence
- we were unhoused much of 2021—2022

Please help us get there before our lease ends May 1st! Enormous gratitude to everyone who's helped us so far – it's been wild to see this start to take shape!


#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund #TransMutualAid

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Selfie, ec, boost ok 

Today’s look is 70s used car salesman.

Would you buy a ‘68 Caprise from this dyke?

yeah I'm into the discourse. finishing dis course of antibiotics like my doctor prescribed!

I really cannot express enough how terrible of an idea it is that we are enacting age verification bills all over the world (and also in the US) that are necessitating or encouraging the use of biometric data collection and face scanning.

i have no cock and i must scream (these two facts are unrelated)

Please don't scroll!!! :blobhaj_hearttrans:
I'm an Autistic, chronically ill individual that recently escaped an abuser, but still need enough funds for permanent housing and school!

Please boost, any and all donations appreciated!

Alt methods or if you just want to help me with meals and paying off my emergency dental;

Pay-Pal AddriannaWing1
#Mastodon #MutualAid #Autism #Disabled #Today #LGBTQ

Me (direct messaging a sixteenth-century merchant): Hey, 🔥 profile portrait! Have you got an OnlyHansa?

PITCH: I host a show about cool train journeys with a different queer guest every week, called

LGBTQ: Let's Go By Train, Queers

Having talked about vulvas with women cis and trans, my conclusion is the main difference is that cis women think they just have weird vulvas whereas trans women think their surgeons goofed

It's almost as if everyone's different down there and trying to taxonomise who's a 'real woman' from the appearance of their vulva is harmful for everyone and sets back the whole cause of feminist body positivity

HEARTBREAKING: in cleaning my house i was able to determine that cleaning my house had been possible this whole time

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