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Hey, I didn't even think to use tags. Check out this thread if you want to see photos of my collection! It includes a , , , and machines :)

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My name is Andrew and I run
I'm interested in and , particularly consoles, computers, 8-bits, and Tandy-Radioshack computers.

I try to learn electronics and programming in my free time, but those projects move very slowly.


Here's a thing i'm hoping to have in my shop soon :eyes_happy:


@Aleums one of my fav things about neural nets working with cat pictures is that so much of the source imagery it learns from has IMPACT TEXT on it. so it learns that cats look like that, that it's a part of a cat.

off to the antique mall that used to carry a lot of good comics, there's a new dealer now so I'll spend most of the time browsing their selection.

I updated the html version of my comic list. in case anyone's curious, you can see what I own here:

(I'm *pretty sure* that's the most up-to-date version of the list. It's from september, and appears to include the magazines I purchased at the comic con last year)

a guy who comes into where I work every morning for his daily mail found out my manager likes motorbikes so he brought in a print-out of the harley-davidson wikipedia article

C滩l滩i滩c滩k滩 to confirm your subscription to Hacker Facts.

"Robot Carnival" is a collection of shorts, & "Starlight Angel" is the title of one of those.
I have something like 700 anime LDs, mostly from the 1985鈥95 time period. I don't just sit on them, either. I do viewings at conventions et cetera. In fact I expect to be running one this Saturday.

if I were to point out a fundamental paradigm shift of user behavior in terms of interaction with an interface, due to the advent of the corporate web, I'd say that the user was reconfigured as a scroller, and therefore as passive consumer because the interaction is purely mechanical and only accidentally performed manually.

Evolution of computer terminology and names I've witnessed since the 80's:

"install.exe" (DOS era) -> "setup.exe" (Windows era)

"Program" (DOS era) -> "Application" (Windows 3.x era and above) -> "App" (Mobile)
Not a fan of the last one.

"Player" -> "Gamer"
Not a fan of this one either.

"Monitor" / "Screen" -> "Display"
Not sure when that change happened but I think it started around the mid 00's.

"Doom clone" -> "FPS"
Yeah, that happened.

"Weblog" -> "Blog"
All thanks to

'Smilies" -> "Emoji"
I suspect 'Emoji' caught on because it was a (now generic) brand name.


@covered-in-pillows "so which one of you is the fianc貌w贸 and which one is the fianc煤w霉?"

I鈥檓 gonna go ahead and assume the gender neutral version of fianc茅e/fianc茅 is fianc猫e茅

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