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Hey, I didn't even think to use tags. Check out this thread if you want to see photos of my collection! It includes a , , , and machines :)

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My name is Andrew and I run
I'm interested in and , particularly consoles, computers, 8-bits, and Tandy-Radioshack computers.

I try to learn electronics and programming in my free time, but those projects move very slowly.


:blobthinking: believing that people have True Names - hokey but understandable

:blob_gnikniht: believing that each person has a single True Name - unduly limiting but not impossible

:hot_shit: :oh_no: believing that a person's One True Name is whatever a government registry has on their records - the perfect blend of authoritarian and bureaucratic

shitpost, horny adjacent 

weed law loophole 

Request for aid 

'real name' is a fake concept. people have always had multiple names. accepting the name in your official records as any more 'real' than any other you choose to be addressed by is merely acceding to capital's control over your reality

excited to announce the script font YIFF, LAUGH, LOVE merch collection now available on PremiumHyperlinkTheDogMastodonPosterMerch.Community

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experience a terrifying glimpse at an alternative world where snouts dot online is run by liberal capitalists


The way I described it to my partner is it's basically a set of Tumblr and Twitter refugees constantly really to not navigate the contextual collapse they were somewhat shielded from in those spaces.

Mastodon is basically just Livejournal but with only the comments sections and with none of the reasons to learn html

❌ bee lost eir job & needs some support ❌ 

Please boost this fundraiser for a loved one returning home soon from state captivity!

my brother got straight As, finished a PhD in philosophy, and never existed, so of course I've always envied him

Selfies no ec 

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