Maybe it's just because this is where my interest lies, but reading a few takes on how to Fix The Web yesterday I really think a major issue are the discovery hueristics we use. Their incomprehensibility and shallowness promotes the bad and buries the good.

There's PLENTY of good links! Otherwise I'd be wanting to tear The Web down rather than just JS...

I created Odysseus to explore some partial solutions, but I'm keen to see others address the problem from a different angle! Links? Advice?

So has anyone found good strategies for finding good links, etc? Personally I've got my best results asking you guys for them! This space badly needs innovation.

And please don't be shy about self-promotion, just make sure it's relevant to your audience.

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@alcinnz honestly, I've been thinking lately about how nice it would be to have a search directory like Yahoo again. Not at all a practical solution, and a modern implementation would basically be

but still, I wanna at least have a personal multi-layered directory with brief abstracts for the pages that I note down, and if enough people did that and federated it? idk, it'd be a neat project at least

@68km Yeah, it would be neat!

Maybe one way to start is to find people publishing collections of links on a particular topic (like I'm, slowly, reviewing DRM-free shows!) and create page(s) linking to them?

At the very least that should get your idea started...

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