How'm is everyone doing today? What are we getting into? Need any support?

Had an okay morning, my partner had bad anxiety waking up as usual so I had to spend a while talking her down. We went to a bougie cafe for brunch that we've never gone to because she's moving away in a few months

Last night I got my Tandy 1000 online again (not just shelled into Linux), but couldn't browse gopher very well. I need to play around with the baud speed and the timeout limits. Then I'll be able to easily get files into it from an FTP or gopher server.

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I submitted an application for a full-time position at work yesterday. This one's not a specialization or anything so I'm really hoping I get it.

I'm gonna go take my partner to school then come back home and write a feels thread that I've needed to write for a while

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@68km I'm (hopefully) going to be working on my MUD engine for most of the day.

I don't really have an explicit goal in mind today: I know what all features a MUD needs, and so can pretty comfortably hop around just futzing without a plan.

Contemplating if I want to use the Gitea instance I host the source on for project management, to encourage more involvement more quickly, since I really would like more hands on this code; I'm such a rubbish programmer when it comes down to it.

@emsenn your MUD does sound really interesting!

I logged into one or two 15 years ago when I was big into an online community, but I never really got far.

I've never played a TTRPG or done any other kind of roleplaying, but I do want to get into the hang of it so that I can try out your server once it's mature enough!

@68km is the link to the one I play.

I really encourage people to give it a couple hours play, because I think so many of y'all would be amazed at how sophisticated the gameplay and world interactivity is.

Like, you can just rip a page out of any random book in the game and use it to roll a cigarette with. Or write over it, or eat it, just... so much is possible, way more than in even the most ambitious grapical MMO I've seen.

@emsenn yeah I think I will, I've read at least half of the books so the ambiance won't be a hurdle, I just need to settle into a schedule when I can do that which will hopefully be soon.

@68km Also, I feel I should point out, I've been writing a MUD engine since like, 2002, and just restart the project every 2-5 years, and so I wouldn't, if I were you, plan on ever getting to play mine.

@DellaDragoness I feel you, that's how my past 3 days were and I wish I could keep it rolling.

@DellaDragoness I wanna do things but I sure don't wanna go to work! :P





@68km That's super impressive about the Tandy 1000! I'm always impressed when people get pretty ancient tech working on modern networks, even if just a little.

@68km I'm interested to hear more about your software setup with the tandy-net connection.

@68km I'm doing better than I was, but the end of the weekend came in for a rocky landing and then I woke up due to nightmares/stress dreams last night. Having some trouble in general and feeling very stuck along several axes in life.

Right now I'm just at work, and will be for another 8 hours (the joys of getting in late plus a 10 hour shift). Would like to get into editing my novel, but work. Plus I haven't been able to quite grok how to work on it once I sit down to...

Support is good <3

@68km i am waaaaaaaay too tired and my dose of caffeine hasn't hit yet. but i'm tired enough it probably won't help anyway.

messing around with netbsd/macppc code today and trying to debug broken kernel code remotely while im at work

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