@ajroach42 reading your omnibook blog post right now. For Wikipedia reference, have you used the gopher mirror of Wikipedia? Bonus points that you can save the text file as is without having to strip it down yourself

This should work with your current networking method


@ajroach42 if you know what info you want ahead of time, you could make this part of your RSS/email process and stay offline more

@68km @ajroach42 Or just download the Wikipedia archive and use an offline browser?

@dmoonfire @68km 128MB storage limit per card, and no good way to handle css, etc. I'd need to process the dump before I could use it, and minimize the number of articles pretty dramatically.

Starting with the gopher mirror is not a bad idea. Does the gopher mirror do footnote links, though?

@ajroach42 I'm not sure, it looks like the server might be down right now.
It's gopher://gopherpedia.com for future reference

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