how are you doing? let me know, if you can


I'm doing pretty well

I'm quite privileged

I live alone in a small but nice apartment

I have internet, a fully equipped kitchen. heating, air conditioning, warm water

There's a huge ficus tree out of my windows


I had to give up the gym and I'm sorry about that

Because that has to do with my desire and my difficult path doe to conflict about my sexual orientation

I was on a path toward a competition and the training was going pretty well

Also I had to give up seeing some people I used to see

it's a mixed bag, really


@AbbieNormal I'm glad to hear you're doing ok.

I definitely miss people the most lately, I've talked to my dad from the yard a week ago, visited their house a few days before that. But he's still working which is a concern to me.

Can you get more gym equipment for home? It's not the same but it'll help I'm sure

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