I finally tried out the #TIC80 fantasy console today because I saw that the #aGameByItsCover 2021 #gameJam (itch.io/jam/a-game-by-its-cove) had started and I liked one of the covers enough to join:


I've already got the base mechanics of moving using cards, and I even have holding a card from your current hand and some cute pixel art. I wish I had thought to post while on my computer, but I'll have to post a progress screenshot tomorrow.

Here's what I've got so far!
It's pretty simple: use the cards to navigate through the maze. The card you choose is discarded, and the other cards go to the bottom of the deck. You can optionally hold a card so it won't go back to the deck.

#TIC80 #pixelArt

I've been debating whether I should /not/ shuffle the deck but instead try to make the mazes hand-crafted puzzles, but that's probably a bit too much work for a game jam (and for me generally). Maybe a future version could have a puzzle mode?

@Alamantus that's what I would suggest. Get the mechanics down now and release the Level Development Kit tbd

@68km That's not a bad idea. It's just the TIC-80, and I'm using Lua, so technically anyone could just go into the editor and modify the code! If I tidy it up enough, people could develop their own levels :)


@Alamantus would a puzzle mode include level-specific decks (like "this level has more lefts and less full-downs")?

@68km It wouldn't be too hard to mod the deck creation to do something like that... Right now it just generates a larger number of single moves and a decreasing number of multiple moves, where 4 moves only has like 2 cards in the whole deck.

It would be easy to just hand-write the deck's contents instead of generating them!

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