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Intro to me! 

Hello! I’m Violet/Doctor Deathray, I hope you are wonderful! I’m a trans woman, bisexual, and I have a wonderful partner named Em, a dachshund named Beau, and three cats (Ezra, Bryn, and The Zig). I do A&R for Analog Revolution records at the @ellijay.makerspace among data analysis for a day job and engineering, being a musician with @djsundog , @TaxDan and The Goop.

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is making the return! @ajroach42, @CaptainUnderpants, and myself have put a lot of work into making this possible to restart the record label.

We're kicking things off with a new LP Compilation of protest and worker's rights songs to be released in the fall! Read more at the link below!

I miss playing/collecting trading card games. I do not miss the impact to my wallet.

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reminder that the economy is artificial and every death due to lack of housing, food, or medical care is an act of political violence

The Microsoft Teams app is garbage. Changed my password (as mandatory for the company every three months) and now I have to register my device, a task that so far has taken me 20 minutes and still no success.Oh there's a "register" button. But then it just likes to load forever. So I suppose it's actually the Authenticator app that sucks. Either way, fuck this mess.

For Friday 13th, I've decided to release a couple new tracks! and Independent is the best way I know to subvert the corporate control of everything we see, hear, and consume. That said, have a listen to two new Doctor Deathray tracks

So I don’t run Linux on any machines yet. My work laptop is windows (as supplied by work), my personal laptop is M1 Mac as my audio work has been tied to Logic for years now and I’d rather not lose my back catalog of session files, and I have a PowerMac G3 that I plan on setting up OS9 on.

This to say, I just found out about Linux for PS2, and now I want it. And a PS2.

When you really want more but don't have tattoo money. I just want to be a DoodleBear

My “cameras on” meeting got moved to Thursday and I already got all spiffed up and cute. Guess the critters get to enjoy?

Hello all! I hope today is the least Monday Monday.

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This was a good experiment.

I built a little silly switch style dock for my GPD Win 3.

Well. The bangs I heard were not fireworks based on the presence of siren machines and flashing lights.

It’s Bandcamp Friday! And I’d love if you checked out my music at ! Any money helps, sincerely, and you get what IMHO is some pretty Radtastic music

Late to the game (literally), but I’ve been playing Legends Arceus and after four days I FINALLY got my Jolteon. Getting a thunderstone is ridiculous

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will be heading into the ‘space after another cup of coffee or two so I can spend some quality time with Marshmallow Bass and Chocobass in prep for next week’s show supporting @connor ’s solo album (release later this year) and our June shows with @DoctorDeathray (album release also later this year), and maybe play around with a tentative track list for a solo bass EP (you guessed it - release later this year, if I can get Analog Revolution’s A&R rep (@DoctorDeathray ) to sign off on it).

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🤴 you have my sword
🧝‍♂️ and my bow
Me: and my vibe!
Everyone else at the council: 👁 👄 👁

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I’m cautiously hopeful things work out they way I want them to. Several key things need to fall in place, so positive vibes appreciated

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hur-ly bur-ly’s comin for ya

hur-ly bur-ly’s comin for ya

hur-ly bur-ly’s comin for ya

That moment when everything is but also you know you’re a bad bitch who has it handled but also terrified. Stress, y’all. It’s a helluva drug.

Rent and the instability there of 

Anyway. That’s what’s bugging me today. And my concerns relating to the instability of such a model.

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