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is a fun, world building project I started with my partner about a post Y2K world where cryptids, folklore monsters, and other parabiological beings exist. The Mother Corporation has taken over after evolving from the search engine, “Mother May I?”

My art and music take place in this world. And often my toots as well. So. For a little more clarity I will be tagging posts with the Deathrayverse tag to help distinguish I’m not completely mad

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Make the cyberpunk dystopia you want to live in. Use giant amalgamations of tech cobbled together to create a weird bunker. Find a bunch of punks to link up with. And, of course, keep your data away from the corporate overlords as best as possible.

Doctor Deathray approves this message.

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Hello new followers and others! I hope you're doing well. Since there's so much more attention on my profile recently, I figured I would do a new and such.

I'm Doctor Deathray, a musician and audio engineer based out of the North Georgia mountains. I worked in Muscle Shoals for too long, and I'm glad to be somewhere different now. I'm a trans gal, bisexual, and I'm happily partnered. My best friend is a dachshund named Beau, and I have a couple cats as well (Bryn and The Zig).

I head up the Analog Revolution record label along with @ajroach42 and do data analysis for a day job.

My band, Doctor Deathray and her Implements of Destruction is made up of myself, @djsundog , @TaxDan , and @connor_dylan . I have a fictional universe for my band, Deathrayverse, that my partner and I have been . We hope to have some ancillary material manifesting soon such as the Doctor Deathray Anti-Radio Show and some comics.

Anyway, have a listen if you want at

So yea. I'm all about , especially and in general.

Talk to me. I'm friendly. Maybe too friendly? Idk.

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is making the return! @ajroach42, @CaptainUnderpants, and myself have put a lot of work into making this possible to restart the record label.

We're kicking things off with a new LP Compilation of protest and worker's rights songs to be released in the fall! Read more at the link below!

One year ago, right about now, the good @DoctorDeathray introduced her Implements of Destruction to the world at large during the very first episode of
Analog Revolution Put On A Show, and thanks to the hijinks of those madcap media producers we can relive the event by watching it on New Ellijay TV!

The intervening time has only made the band better. I've never been prouder of a group in which I participated and I cannot wait to get y'all access to the soon-to-be-released album, but until then, there's always this look back at where we entered the scene. Y'know, the scene that we're speaking into existence. That scene.

@DoctorDeathray Ciao! I bought one M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini 32 keys and I'm reborn! I've always enjoyed making keyboard and analog music but after I bought this one I'm enjoying composing. I am a drummer but I have a lot of creativity, nd thanks to this keyboard I'm putting up so many beautiful ideas. Really fantastic ☺️

But all the things I could do with a keyboard! Faster, better demos! Faster composing! Not relying on stringed instruments so much. (Guitar will always be my primary instrument, but it does not do everything).

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I need a new MIDI keyboard. This is not convenient as I am broke, but it would help my musical flow so incredibly much. I sold the last one I had when I hit some bad luck. I have a fried keyboard in my studio mostly for looks and a shelf.

My work PC is a bottleneck. I regularly hit 90%+ CPU and RAM usage. I hit 100% on the CPU just a minute ago, and I’m sitting at 75% on RAM usage.

I don’t honestly mind. If the company wanted to, they could buy nicer machines. But in the mean time, I like my downtime waiting for processes to finish.

Girlfriend texted “u gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince but that’s not why I do it.” That was 24 hrs ago and she hasn’t returned any of my messages.

This zine is super fun, too. I typed everything out on an electric typewriter, physically cut and pasted paragraphs and images, copied everything down to create master pages, then scanned in those copies! It’s crusty and fun and kinda punk.

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Deathray Zine, Deathray Zine, making some Deathray Zines.

Going to have a zine with each record! Should be pressing soon!

I ended up taking a half day. I did a little work on the zine we're including with the Deathray record, but then I went home. I don't know what it is with today, but my nerves are shot, and I feel on edge.

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Oh wow. I’m really on edge. One day job email and I’m spiraling. This is not great

Did some bullshit today with @ajroach42 that involved bolt cutters, an old console stereo, a couple turntables, hooking a boom box into previously stated 70’s console stereo, risking electrocution (special guest @Ricardus for that part), and ultimately being stumped for the evening.

We don’t always succeed. But it’s almost always interesting.

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