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Make the cyberpunk dystopia you want to live in. Use giant amalgamations of tech cobbled together to create a weird bunker. Find a bunch of punks to link up with. And, of course, keep your data away from the corporate overlords as best as possible.

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Hello new followers and others! I hope you're doing well. Since there's so much more attention on my profile recently, I figured I would do a new and such.

I'm Doctor Deathray, a musician and audio engineer based out of the North Georgia mountains. I worked in Muscle Shoals for too long, and I'm glad to be somewhere different now. I'm a trans gal, bisexual, and I'm happily partnered. My best friend is a dachshund named Beau, and I have a couple cats as well (Bryn and The Zig).

I head up the Analog Revolution record label along with @ajroach42 and do data analysis for a day job.

My band, Doctor Deathray and her Implements of Destruction is made up of myself, @djsundog , @TaxDan , and @connor_dylan . I have a fictional universe for my band, Deathrayverse, that my partner and I have been . We hope to have some ancillary material manifesting soon such as the Doctor Deathray Anti-Radio Show and some comics.

Anyway, have a listen if you want at

So yea. I'm all about , especially and in general.

Talk to me. I'm friendly. Maybe too friendly? Idk.

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is making the return! @ajroach42, @CaptainUnderpants, and myself have put a lot of work into making this possible to restart the record label.

We're kicking things off with a new LP Compilation of protest and worker's rights songs to be released in the fall! Read more at the link below!

Lewd adjacent joke 

Fifty Shades of Gandalf the Grey

Mental Health 

The hard part of mental health improving and not being suicidal anymore is definitely the moments of absolutely being terrified of death. I feared death before, but not quite in this way? Like. I wanted to die for pretty much the entirety of my adult life, and now I don’t, and that adds a layer of fear that wasn’t there before.


Biblically Accurate Santa Claus.

*giant orb of fire and eyes wearing a Santa hat*



Watching the classic, “The Bishop’s Wife.” It’s a cute story about a Christmas angel played by Cary Grant. I can’t help but think the movie would be a lot funnier if it was a biblically accurate angel instead.

If you're still looking for something to buy for Bandcamp Friday, one of my favorite bands in the world Michael Cera Palin is on bandcamp:

They're wonderful.

That's all the stuff they recorded in 2015- 2020.

This year, they were the second band to use the new recording studio at my Makerspace, and they recorded their single Crypto, which is also very good.

My friends Doctor Deathray and Ryan have been making music together for 10 years. They make the kind of high energy rock music you'd expect your inner child to write.

It's intoxicating.


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Us pol? Antisemitism. Mental Illness 

Good fucking lord. He’s just completely lost it.

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Us pol? Antisemitism. Mental Illness 

For awhile I wondered if we would view Kanye’s breakdowns like the hindsight we give Brittney’s 07 breakdown. But, this is just completely different. Dude clearly isn’t medicating. Doesn’t want to medicate. Has become too wrapped up into himself to be able to see he needs help.

And yea. Now he’s supporting LITERAL NAZIS.

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Us pol? Antisemitism 

So. Uh. Ye really just went on and said that he loves Hitler. That’s, uh, a new level for him

It’s Bandcamp Friday, and I’d really like to take the time to thank @Ricardus for audio engineering skills in tracking the band and for generous use of the absolutely stellar equipment he has both collected and built. This track would not sound nearly as good without him.

It's #BandcampFriday, which means bandcamp waves their fees today so that more of the purchase goes to the artists.

Here's the things I picked up today: by @DoctorDeathray et al. by 12ax7 which includes @Stoneymonster as a member. by stonefromthesky.

Just a handy link to have at hand should you be wondering whether you missed the day:


Today is bandcamp friday! I have a collection of bandcamp pages from fediverse users here:

Today, bandcamp will give 100% of revenue to artists. Go send some music.

I kinda hate computers. Especially when they don’t computer.

Apparently I’m in the top 2% fans of Jack White on Spotify. I DID play Fear of the Dawn over and over and over.

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