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Intro to me! 

Hello! I’m Violet/Doctor Deathray, I hope you are wonderful! I’m a trans woman, bisexual, and I have a wonderful partner named Em, a dachshund named Beau, and three cats (Ezra, Bryn, and The Zig). I do A&R for Analog Revolution records at the @ellijay.makerspace among data analysis for a day job and engineering, being a musician with @djsundog , @TaxDan and The Goop.

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is making the return! @ajroach42, @CaptainUnderpants, and myself have put a lot of work into making this possible to restart the record label.

We're kicking things off with a new LP Compilation of protest and worker's rights songs to be released in the fall! Read more at the link below!

Live your life like an Improv class and you'll have more fun. "Yes and..."

Guitar Gear 

Redid my pedalboard! Tried to keep it pretty minimal this time around, and still ended up with 9 pedals on the board.

The pleasant sound of @djsundog playing marshmallow bass across the hall

My cat is inside our couch going crazy. He can get out. He just doesn’t want to right now.

Studio dates booked for the first Doctor Deathray and her Implements of Destruction album!!!

while we’re on the topic (pandemics etc) 

epidemics and pandemics will continue to bulldoze over the great majority of the population until such time as the human right to universal, safe, informed, and consensual medical care is enshrined and respected across the globe.

the insurance executives, pharmaceutical shareholders, and their stooges in the bourgeois capitalist governments will never act to protect us, and must be deprived of their ability to harm us further.

We've had a run of bad luck. Old car breaks, borrowed car is broken into, I got covid, we have a stalker, people trying to scam us just trying to find housing. All that said, I'm pretty happy. Things work out as they do. I'm still riding the high of seeing my friends. I've got at least two additional songs for the new Doctor Deathray album (Hopefully recording next month). I've got my wonderful pupper cuddling with me. Things are bad, but it's not getting me down.

Potential block for spam/tracking 

social dot manalejandro dot com is mass-following a lot of accounts (>6000), and running a Fedi stats account. We've blocked them on our end.

Got to see my Ellijay friends for the first time in a couple weeks. Today is a good day

From this little notebook I have in my lap, I can get high resolution photos of deep space, or scans of mosaic work done in pompeii 2000 years ago, or watch a silent film made in mexico in 1927, or read a novel published in the 1850s, or listen to a radio broadcast of a baseball game played in 1935, or watch an 8 hour train ride through the european countryside, or see pictures or video of Machu Picchu.

All of these things are at my fingertips.

And I mostly use it to read words that make me sad and angry while also making money for rich people.

Update. I have checked my email at least 100 times this morning and no response yet. Why can’t everyone compulsively check email like I do?

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Just sent an email to a possible rental property! As someone who compulsively checks their email at least 30 times a day (literally. Don’t know why, mostly I get junk mail), it’s going to be so much worse today waiting for a response.


Started playing again. I'm pretty sure I used a snippet of this one for a video in high school where people had to name the song.



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