Help request for trans couple 

Friday morning my partner was attacked and carjacked outside our home. Luckily, they are alive and the car was retrieved Saturday. Unluckily, my partner suffered two broken ankles, a nasty cut to the hand, and a human bite. I'm really just incredibly thankful they're alive as the suspect in this event is the suspect in another, even more violent crime that occurred minutes a block away.

This said, my partner can't work with two broken ankles, and we're moving this upcoming weekend. Anything helps. We're by no means destitute, but I am trying to keep our heads above water while things escalate and more bills for this event come due (medical, ambulance, car repair from the damage the asshole caused) on top of the regular bills normally split between us.

So, anything helps. Thank you



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Help request for trans couple 

@DoctorDeathray Yikes, that is terrible!

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