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Ethan @Ethancdavenport

I am a 27yo worker/corporate slave from . I constantly fantasize about the but also love , , and . When the planets align and certain are invoked, I have been known to spontaneously write .

I listen to a lot of , but unfortunately most of it is peak white cishet guy stuff. I love black and . helps me sleep at night. I use a lot to heckle local politicians. ✌️

@Ethancdavenport Check out Tokimonsta, Dumbfoundead, and Big Freedia

@Miredly sry I’m noob. Thanks for the recs!

@Ethancdavenport Who are, respectively, not men, not white, and not cis

@Ethancdavenport I realized quite a few years ago that my musical taste had a white cishet babyboomer guy problem, and have put in a lot of effort to change that.
(I used, and still use my statistics to check if I'm falling back into that rut, or any kind of rut, really.) What sort of music do you like today?

@reinderdijkhuis I start work really early so I get to listen to my jams before my store opens and lately I’ve been listening to a pandora station based on “Roundabout” by Yes. Rush, Pink Floyd, Kansas, etc. but I have a lot of stations.

@Ethancdavenport Ooh, I see what you mean. None of these are bad but the prog genre as a whole is pretty whitecishetmale due to the level of gatekeeping that went on in those scenes when they were created. This is getting better in modern prog and there are certainly some trails you can follow depending on what it is about classic prog you enjoy, but that's gonna take me some time to get to.
Low-hanging fruit: have you considered inviting Kate Bush into your life?

@reinderdijkhuis heard the name, never listened. I’ll add her to the rec list.

@Ethancdavenport Dual recommendation: start with her first album, The Kick Inside, and her fifth, Hounds Of Love. Both are prog-adjacent in different ways, and differ dramatically from one another in style.