Here’s a hot take that will send any capitalist instantly into paroxysms of fury:

It is not the purpose of the state or the people to ensure the profitability or even the existence of any particular business or industry.

So since tooting this, I read State and Revolution, and I have a slightly more nuanced take.

One of the fundamental purposes of the *bourgeois* state IS to ensure the consolidation of capital into as few hands as possible by enabling the exploitation the working class as much as possible. HOWEVER, there’s no reason a “proletarian state” i.e. a highly organized system of need fulfillment would also. In other words, “governance” is not inherently obligated to capital.

@Ethancdavenport …except Amazon. If we don't send Jeff Bezos into space by buying power-only USB cables, an asteroid will wipe out life on earth.

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