The only reason my company is open on days like Easter is that they are so fucking horny at the prospect of making a single dollar in sales they’ll sink a few grand into labor and operations to get it. The bigwigs will say it’s “for the customers” but this is a lie.

Don’t shop on holidays. Boycott and make it as expensive as possible for shitty companies like the one I sell my labor to to stay open on holidays.

@Ethancdavenport A question in good faith: Whose holidays?

I would argue that we need, rather, flexible working hours for everyone so that you can take time off when you need to, for sacred or profane reasons. We need actual freedom for workers.

If, instead, you institute Easter as a day when no one should be working and nothing should be open, you make a unique space for Christianity in public life and also inconvenience everyone who is not Christian and holds no special regard for this day, and who also might need to do things.

Happy Passover!

@ElectricAsherah you make an excellent, excellent point here. My post largely sprung from frustration and I have been thinking about the larger implications, and even chatted briefly with one of my Jewish coworkers about it. I think a big point of contention for me is the hypocrisy inherent in Christians coming to shop on their holidays and wishing the people stuck there a good time.

I could definitely use some time off for profane reasons.

A happy Passover to you as well!

@Ethancdavenport Thank you!

I agree that holidays would benefit from being treated as really a separate time, for contemplation, family, etc. I wonder how much of it is hypocrisy, and how much of it is genuinely needing to get things done on a holiday—because we are compelled to work on our holidays, because we work so much the rest of the time we have no time left over for other basic things, etc.

Basically there's just no excuse for employers to pay so little and/or demand so much work, so that all of us are trapped working constantly. I've been thinking a lot about the role of ritual in fighting against this a lot lately, so thank you for helping me!


@ElectricAsherah I think maybe we should destroy capitalism and create a new age of spirituality.

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