Dear Ruby devs and game devs. I have a crazy announcement I want to share. Please boost.

Last week I released A Dark Room to the Nintendo Switch. Within the game, I also shipped a Ruby interpreter and a code editor as an Easter Egg.

*This Easter Egg effectively turns every consumer spec-ed Nintendo Switch into a Ruby Machine.*

1. Download A Dark Room from the US/EU.
2. Connect a USB keyboard and press the “~” key.
3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

#ruby #gamedev #nintendo


@amirrajan holy shit lol. I’m not a programmer but I do own a switch and that’s cool as hell.

@Ethancdavenport @amirrajan coding is not that tough to get started with, it just looks really intense from the outside. there's lots of online free courses and a few of the books out there do a great job getting you started. at first, I found coding dull..and now that I can really use it, it feels like magic and I can't imagine doing anything else for work. give it a shot!

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