If ST:Disco is so unconcerned with the canon of the shows that proceeded it, why not just set itself far enough in the future from those shows that it can ignore their cannon?

It'd be real easy to set your show 500 or 1000 years after TNG.

Set up a plot about how some war devastated the federation and halted technological progress, and it's only now being rebuilt. Make not knowing things about the past in to a plot point, if you want.

But no, instead we have a show where Spock has a secret sister and captain pile isn't on the Enterprise and there's a sentient robot 200 years before data even though it was a really big deal that data was the most advanced robot ever.

I'm all for reinterpretations and remixes, but if you're going to do that, do that. Don't do half of that and then slip winking references to canon everywhere.

I like disco, as long as I pretend its not Star trek.


@ajroach42 i have said it before and I will keep saying

Give me the next next generation!!

I don’t want prequels, I don’t want movies, I only kinda want the Picard show. I want the show that’s 60-80 years after tng, 1 cameo in the first few episodes, and then all new shit. Except for the throwback eps obvs.

@Ethancdavenport @ajroach42

I'm not watching any more Star Trek until they fix their universe. I know it's all the rage to have different universes with different histories. That's what they've done, but because of the way they have time working, they've invalidated all the episodes I've ever loved. Those events never happened. (Maybe something similar will happen, but maybe there's deeper, more core shit where they're going to diverge first.)

It presents itself as bad fanfiction, so I wait.

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