Alright, I wrote a blogpost about my adventures:

This doesn't have much new compared to my posts from this weekend, but here they are ordered and coherent.

I also posted some audio samples:

Keep in mind that both samples will sound pretty much horrific, but also that each sample is around 100kb for more than a minute of audio.

I prefer the Opus file to the mp3 file, as it's a little less muddy during speech (but ruins music.)


Would be really nice if #floppycast ing would become a thing, preferably with codec2 and wavenet decoding and fediverse integration.

@jsilence I'm looking in to codec2 this week. From what I've gathered, there's no software that would play it back on my target machines (486 and Pentium era computers running DOS), but beyond that it seems like the perfect fit for this project (and for encouraging more broad adaption of the concepts.)


Contemplating on starting a blogcast about climate change. German media is really neglecting the topic and I'd like to translate, contextualize and comment on english spoken media coverage. Doing this in a #floppycast format would really fit well with the topic of low ressource usage. #formfollowsfunction

@jsilence I love that idea!

I don't speak German, but @Ethancdavenport does a bit, maybe he wants to help?

floppydisks are a powerful symbol of progress, waste, recycling, and resource maximization. Even though it's unwieldy and impractical to try to condense down to that size, it also send a message.


@ajroach42 @jsilence I’m rusty as all hell but that sounds like an awesome project!


Codec2 + WaveNet decoding... I am not sure whether I totally get how a production pipeline would look like. Wav to C2 via command line encoder, ok. But then how to train and deploy the decoder component? Would one have to deploy the decoder together with the C2 file? Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of having really small file sizes?


@jsilence @Ethancdavenport I have yet to find the time to research exactly how this would work, so I dunno.

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