If you’re not Native American but live in America, you should visit and look at whose land you live on.

I live on Muskogee Creek land.

@Ethancdavenport Interestingly I live in a location that's not part of any territory on that map, but rather a small space in-between two.

@adamk678 @Ethancdavenport Me too, though I wouldn't take the *exact* boundaries too seriously in the Boston area --- hills have been leveled, coastlines changed, marshes filled in, etc.

@bstacey @Ethancdavenport I'm on a river which was probably a border and I think rivers can shift around a bit in 200 years.

@Ethancdavenport I'd like to think (hope?) that there are plenty of non-Native Americans who are familiar with the Native blood in their own veins and what happened to them. I'm white, of mostly Irish, Italian, and French descent. Except for that bit of Abanaquie. And we are damned well familiar with what the British did to our Native American ancestors.

Ethnic cleansing, cannibalism, suicide 

@Ethancdavenport General Putnam massacred the villiage, shot the priest (they had been Catholicised by the French), marched one woman and her child with them down to Danbury, CT and *ate them* on the way.

The unit of the British Army he founded became the American Green Berets. After the revolutionary war, he killed himself in England.

Suicide was too good for him.

Ethnic cleansing, cannibalism, suicide 

@vanicpanic this is heavy as fuck. Thank you for sharing.

I have some distant Cherokee ancestry. My ancestor was a slaveowner who had a rival he called Babykiller. History is complicated and often sucks shit.

@mxuribe are there and Lenape still living there? You should learn more about them and share what you find.

@Ethancdavenport In the very northmost side of the state, there are a couple of tribes...but don't know if they are Lenape or another tribe. Good point you make, worthwhile for me to learn! 👍

@Ethancdavenport Nice MAP !
"& don't leave out the Hyphen in"

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