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My 3ds AND my nook are both dead and I am stuck at mom’s work until 17h.

Fuck my life lol.

@hummingrain the odroid go that @ajroach42 gave me hasn’t been charged or played in months but popped on like a dream!

Ethan @Ethancdavenport

@ajroach42 @hummingrain NES: Kirby, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, super Mario, wario’s woods; GB: DK, MMPR, pkmn Red, Star Wars (sucks ass); GBC: bionic commando, dragon warrior monsters, pkmn crystal, pkmn tcg. Nothing for sega or coleco.

@Ethancdavenport @hummingrain

IF you like RPGS: All the dragon warrior/dragon quest games.

The various final fantasy games.

If you like action RPGS: Final Fantasy Adventure is the first Sword of Mana game, and is great.

If you like platformers or puzzle games: Donkey Kong 94 is an absolute masterpiece. That might be what you meant by DK.

There are a couple of great turn based strat games on the master system. There's a good port of M U L E for the NES.

@hummingrain @Ethancdavenport All the gameboy megaman games are good. Metroid II is hard as balls but very good.

Kirby for the NES and Kirby II for the GB.

I can do this all day.

@ajroach42 @hummingrain yes you can! I will take in some of those recs next time I boot my laptop.

Recommended #games for the classic #GameBoy:

#LooneyTunes is a varied platformer that I enjoyed playing quite a bit as a kid.

All the #MarioLand / #WarioLand games are great imho.

#RevengeOfTheGator is a wonderful #pinball game.

I wasted a lot of time playing the puzzle / Tetris-like #MarioAndYoshi too.

#SolomonsClub (also available for #NES iirc) is a platform puzzler with quite a lot of levels.

@ajroach42 @hummingrain

@FiXato @Ethancdavenport @ajroach42 @hummingrain
Zelda DX. Metroid. Jurassic Park II. Robocop. F1 Race. Contra. Wario Land 2.