Parts acquired/remaining on my years-long PC odyssey.

I’m so close to completing!!

@hummingrain my goal is the end of the year, but I think no more parts this month bc I’m srsly boutta drop money for two full price games on the switch. 😨

@Ethancdavenport Games are so expensive ;_;

Which ones are you getting?

@hummingrain next week is Daemon X Machina and the week after that is the Link’s Awakening remake.

They really got me. Oh and Pokémon in two months.

@Ethancdavenport I don't know anything about DXM but the original Link's Awakening is one of my favorite games ever made <3

@hummingrain oh yeah, I loved the shit out of that game as a kid and still do. When I watch the trailers I can recognize almost every spot on the map despite the new graphics.

DXM is a mecha action game. The demos have both been fun as hell and I’m so excited for the full game.

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