At long last, Toot! v1.14 is out!

I've been taking some time off to work on other projects (that may at some point even turn into things that are released) but I'm back to working on Toot! for a while now. This version brings a long-awaited feature: A picker for custom emojo! That, and some bugfixing.

Full release notes:

* Finally: A picker for custom emoji! Check the toolbar above the keyboard while writing a toot!
* Fixed a crash when trying to edit the description of a photo posted from the sharing extension.
* Conversation bubbles are now correctly closed when opening a direct message from a notification.
* Added a settings flag to give all posts from bot accounts a content warning automatically.
* Fixed a layout bug when clicking on a toot.
* Lots of smaller bugfixes and visual tweaks.

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Weird, that was exactly 500 characters. Anyway, that excludes a new SECRET FEATURE: You can now use a powerful SCANNING FEATURE on fediverse users. It will reveal to you, with 100% scientific accuracy, what kind of being they are. Click "..." on a user's home timeline to try it.

Absolutely not spending days putting in joke features because I got distracted, this is totally a useful thing.

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Going to bed now and absolutely not explaining myself further.

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@tootapp hooray!! Can’t wait to try the emojo picker out.

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