The Politics of Everybody by Holly Lewis 

Finished the introduction. Just wanted to share a quick excerpt:

“Solidarity with queer, trans, and intersex people is non-negotiable when it comes to the international solidarity of the working class.”

It’s that’s simple.

The Politics of Everybody by Holly Lewis 

“It is not a concession to some phantom of identity politics to embrace the language of the oppressed. It is not a concession to postmodernism or linguistic constructivism (the theory that language creates the material world) to use words that arise from worldly experience. In fact, doing so reflects a materialist approach to language.”

This is in reference to queer folks’ struggle to be understood and acknowledged by marxists in general.

The Politics of Everybody by Holly Lewis 

There’s a really good bit in discussing feminist theory and Marxism about scientific objectivity vs. personal subjectivity and how one or the other is invoked or discarded in whatever way will discredit women. That shit sucks.

Also I’m barely halfway thru chapter 1 and my brain hurts, please help me.


The Politics of Everybody by Holly Lewis 

“Assigning low value to women, racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, and gender non-conforming people is also a literal lowering on the labor market. For this reason alone, solidarity with women, queer and trans people, immigrants, black people, and the disabled should be the task of all who are on the side of labor.”


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