dating personal ad 

Hi fedi! I’m Ethan (he/him). I’m looking for dates, and, hopefully, a partner eventually. Are you…

• between ~25 and ~35 years old?
• located within ~2 hours (by car) of Blue Ridge, Georgia, usa?
• single or otherwise available?
• into guys?
• some flavor of anti-capitalist and/or anti-imperialist?
• a practitioner of radical kindness?

If so, consider replying to this post or DMing me! I’ll include more info about myself and some photos in the next toot.

dating personal ad 

So, about me: I’m 31 years old, born and raised at the western edge of the Atlanta metro, but I moved to the mountains in August of 2020. I brew craft beer for a living, and work part time as a barista and cook. I also volunteer at a food pantry and hang around the Ellijay Makerspace when I can.

I own my own home and car, plus I have a cute dog. I like building model robots, reading, and lots of different kinds of games. I have a lot of skills of varying usefulnesses.

dating personal ad 

other info:

• heterosexual as in attracted to genders other than mine
* no kids, like kids, divorced once
• anarchist, communist, socialist, anti-fascist in no particular order
• own guns, can train (with) you
• work Sunday thru Thursday, but schedule is flexible
• not into drugs outside of alcohol, caffeine, and occasional weed
• Celtic pagan druid
• borderline unhealthy love for black tea
• autistic/ADHD/anxiety/depression/trauma brain/etc

That’s all! Thanks for reading!


co-signing this dating ad as Highly Recommend, Ethan is a long-standing friend of Jessica’s from her teenage years and we can vouch for his kindness, respect, fun, and general fortitude.

dating personal ad 

@Ethancdavenport Good luck! Should have led with the photo of the dog! DOGGOS!

dating personal ad 

@scully there’s two in the second post!

dating personal ad 

@Ethancdavenport First one of these I've seen since I've been on Masto.

Best of luck.

dating personal ad 

@Ricardus I made a half joking post years ago just saying “date me” but tbh I wasn’t really ready then

I reckon I am now though! Can’t hurt to try, right?

dating personal ad 

@Ethancdavenport It absolutely can't hurt to try.

I'm a mess right now and am probably not ready to be dating again, but there's a woman who I *think* likes me, but I don't even know how to move forward with this. I mean I would love a companion, but I don't know if I should approach her or not. If I don't because I am not in the right headspace I also don't want her to think I'm not into her, because I am.

So many issues...

dating personal ad 

@Ricardus being right in yourself is not an essential for obtaining companionship but it is important for maintaining those relationships long-term. Trust your self-knowledge and seek joy where you can.

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