hello fediverse musicians etc, i am looking for a good, solid app for that does not utilize microtransactions or subscription fees, and won’t sell my data.

i’m fine paying for it as long as these conditions are met! please help me out; the app store is a wasteland.

@zee i have looked at this one but i cannot find any information about the developer’s privacy policy, either in the app store or on their website. i need to know they won’t access my personal info and sell it to advertisers.

@Ethancdavenport It doesn't have access to any device data, nor does it have ads (in the pro version).

Dunno what to tell ya tho; if you want a guarantee that they won't do that you're better off taking the time two learn SwiftUI and put your own out.

@Ethancdavenport Also, I assure you if the solo developer who wrote it in 2014 was selling data; it would have been updated much more frequently to keep up with all the advances in tracking ;).

@zee @Ethancdavenport I can also vouch for this one. Bought it over ten years ago, used it ever since. Their pro tuner is also the best phone tuner app I’ve used.

@s0 @zee works for me! thank y’all for the recommendation.

@mathew i had been using that but it’s not very loud and you have to start a recording in order to use it. kind of the whole impetus for asking for a recommendation. appreciate the input though.

@mathew yep this is exactly what i was looking for, thank you so much.

@mathew bog standard works great for me but i’ll take a look!

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