Hi Everyone! Welcome to the new year, I hope you made the transfer without incident.

It is my duty and privilege to inform you that Episode one of Jupiter's Ghost is out now, and that you can listen to it embedded here, probably, or on the website linked from the embed, probably, unless I broke something which is possible. It's chewing gum and bailing wire all the way down.

I've been working on this since at least 2016 in it's current incarnation, but it's based on ideas and scripts that @Username_Here_ASAP and I wrote ... god, I dunno. 2015? 2014? 2013?

This episode features contributions from @Ethancdavenport and @TaxDan and @connor_dylan

The next episode will probably feature contributions from @DoctorDeathray and @sam and maybe @68km and @syrinx and @danhunsaker. Maybe we'll even talk the venerable DJ Sundog in to voicing a character (or perhaps Lady Sundog wants to join our rag tag crew! Who's to say?)


Oh! And @jess who I forgot about because they never post anything. Post things.

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