When I hear yourself on the Internet radio station your friend runs

Made by @wigglytuffitout

gunpla/plamo megathread 

Kotobukiya HMM Gun Sniper W2

This is my first kotobukiya and first hmm kit and it kind of rules. Despite the small size, it’s extremely detailed and it’s articulation rivals a master grade bandai kit. Low points: smaller parts are very weak, and joint tolerances are VERY tight—if you’re painting, take the time to mask them off beforehand, or just sand the paint down before assembling.

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meta, an actual for real screenshot dunk 

Here’s a response for you: get fucked

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gunpla/plamo megathread 

Figurise ImperialDramon.

Totally snapped the left elbow piece, had to cement the whole joint together. Be extremely careful transforming this kit.

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gunpla/plamo megathread 

MG Gundam Deathscythe.

This is the first of these I started painting with gunmetal spray ts38 and holy shit, I’m never going back.

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Been foolin around with @ajroach42’s ReMarkable e-ink tablet. These are all freehand with copious use of the undo function.

modeling supplies recommendation 

’s TS-38 “gun metal” spray can is a fabulous choice for painting inner frames or skeleton parts or what have you. I like it a lot.

You can see the difference here: left is the Shenlong, hand-painted with gunmetal, and right is the MG Deathscythe, sprayed with the Tamiya.

Just in case you, like me, can’t afford/don’t have space for an setup (yet).

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