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Actually the so-called “liberal” “justices” can keep breathing if they kill the other five and renounce their positions forever, and the Piscataway tribe gets to dynamite the goddamn building.

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Meme format aside, scotus is absolutely one of the most evil, regressive, and reactionary organizations in human history. Every single “civil rights victory” has come at a 6-3 decision at best, more usually 5-4, and the incredibly bad ones outnumber them by far.

94% percent of justices (lol) have been not only white, not only cis, not only heterosexual, but white, cis, het, AND Ivy League educated all together.


Kill em all and dig up the dead ones to kill em again.

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Fuck the United States Supreme Court.

All my homies hate the United States Supreme Court.

Evil ass, fuckin dread lich ass lookin, Dred Scott enslaving motherfuckers.

If you’re white and you have “dreads”

Your hair looks like shit


Do not microwave candles with metal bases at the bottom of the wick.

It’s cool as hell, but don’t do it.

Atlanta Community Press Collective report on the Old Atlanta Prison Farm 

Major content warning for incarceration, racism, medical neglect, and so much more. It’s tough to read, but it’s worth it to understand how horrific a place it was, and how awful it is that the City of Atlanta would prefer nobody talk about it.

You can read the report here:

Please boost to spread the word—the ACPC worked incredibly hard to bring this to light.

All forms of oppression have similarities in form and function, that is true—but these are relations of power. Germans in the 30s had the power; Jewish people did not. The bourgeoisie today has the power; the working class does not.

Trying to make it look like the working class today are the real fascists IS fascist apologia, and it’s anti-worker and counterrevolutionary.

I will never accept this. All profit is the stolen wages of the workers, and the profit notice is killing our species.

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For instance, equating the rabid antisemitism and other forms of hatred of Germans in the 1930s with contemporary working-class dissatisfaction with the bourgeoisie is totally fucked because Jewish people in Europe have never been a class holding social, financial, or political power, whereas the contemporary bourgeoisie holds all of those things.

Additionally, one cannot simply swap relations of oppression. Ableism is not the same as misogyny, for example.

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No fascist apologia.

If you equate fascists, and indeed the actual third reich, to non-fascists, and indeed anti-fascists, you are (intentionally or not) attempting to legitimize fascism, period.

I will never accept this. Death to fascism, capitalism, imperialism, and all forms of oppression. All power to the masses, the people, the workers, and the oppressed.

And no, I don’t think this constitutes “a loss” or “a concession” to the fascist scum. It’s a fuckin cartoon frog, which they have thoroughly ruined. We aren’t talking about any sort of material or strategic asset.

Heather Heyer was a loss to the fascists. Every Black child murdered by police is a loss to the fascists.

Get some perspective, and straighten our your priorities. And stop using wojeks and shit while you’re at it.

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Yeah, it sucks that Montero’s work was coöpted by fascists. It super sucks! Pepe is a cool frog, and the other characters are cool too.

However! WE MUST UTTERLY DISTINGUISH OURSELVES FROM ANY APPEARANCE OF EVEN IRONIC FASCISM. It’s the same reason even Indigenous Turtle Islanders don’t use the swastika anymore, despite its millennia of historical use outside of fascism.

Everyone everywhere must be able to tell at a glance that we are anti-fascist.

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If you have a Pepe the Frog profile picture, I’m fucking blocking you.

Especially if you claim to be a revolutionary and refuse to listen to criticism.

@ruffni hey.

You should super, super change your profile image.

This is your perennial reminder that you should care about other people. Family (chosen or otherwise), neighbors, strangers, anyone who isn’t a fascist.

“I’ve got mine so I don’t give a shit what happens to anyone else” is a deeply toxic mindset. You are already deeply interconnected with countless other people and communities—you should act like it.

@body hi! You have won the award for “most cursèd display name I have seen in a hot minute.” Congratulations.

gunpla/plamo megathread 

Kotobukiya HMM Gun Sniper W2

This is my first kotobukiya and first hmm kit and it kind of rules. Despite the small size, it’s extremely detailed and it’s articulation rivals a master grade bandai kit. Low points: smaller parts are very weak, and joint tolerances are VERY tight—if you’re painting, take the time to mask them off beforehand, or just sand the paint down before assembling.

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With Lunasa rapidly approaching, contemplate your skills: where does your excellence lie? How can you do well this week?

By being great at what you do, you pay tribute to the Many-Skilled One.

Consider holding a contest.

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