I got a really rare quasi-official toy as part of a trade yesterday.

It was mint in it's original packaging.

So, of course, I opened it.

(small thread, pictures.)


First things first:

This is a SPACE TREK toy, made with factory second Star Trek TMP parts, after mego's ST:TMP line tanked horribly.

It's a real shame, because these were some of the best toys Mego ever released, but here we are.

So a fly by night operation ended up with a bunch of Star Trek uniforms, and did what any normal person would do: dressed out the absolute cheapest dolls they could produce, ripped off some artwork, and released a new toy line.

If you'd like to learn more about this toy, the guy I got it from posted this video: youtube.com/watch?v=XFE5DvjAo4

This toy is seen in that video, which is weird to me, but whatever.

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So I opened his bag and I undressed him.

Here are some pictures of what he looks like out of his packaging, and out of his clothes.

First thing to call out, that torso, those arms, those legs, and that head are all from different toys!

Second thing to call out, those legs are different lengths!

Third thing to call out, I have no idea who's head that is.

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As many of you are aware, I make weird knockoff/bootleg adjacent toys myself.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to reimagine this guy as he would be made today, if the same situation was to arise.

I had a spare ST TMP uniform, I had the modern equivalent of factory second heads, and the closest body that is currently available.

Here are some of those results.

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Of course, those eyebrows are one of the scariest things I've ever seen, so I did another other one that I like a little better.

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Here are some more toys with the same body and head as my imitation space trek toys. (Actually just two toys, I redressed one of them.)

I'm still exploring what I can make and what is available off the shelf at this scale. I'll start working on OC soon.

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