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My band Fairshake, after more than a year of writing, recording, and putting together and perfecting a live show, has finally released our album! I went into these recording sessions thinking I was just helping out a good friend but I fell in love with these songs and joined the band. I hope you fall in love with them too.

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Hi I'm Dan. I'm a bookkeeper in Atlanta but that's like the least important thing about me (other than it keeps a roof over my head). More importantly I'm a musician. Mostly drums but also playing piano and singing.

Solo stuff: https: honestyagain.bandcamp.com
Band I've been in for a while: likemikega.com
Band I more recently joined (old album I wasn't around for): fairshake.bandcamp.com
Album for another band I'm proud to have played drums for: sarahandthesafeword.bandcamp.c

In other news I turn 27 tomorrow! I'm not totally scared of the future or anything! Hooray!

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My dog has a coat and a bunny costume. They hang on thr same peg.

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We're just gonna pretend like I didn't almost show up to the wrong restaurant for this bi organizing meeting that I definitely made a reservation for. We're gonna pretend like I didn't just call the correct restaurant the night before to make a reservation for us. We're gonna pretend like I know what I'm doing and am capable of running anything.

It makes me feel good to have someone who's been organizing for a long time tell me that. Queer folks lifting each other up. 2019 mood.

I went to an organizing meeting for another group today and had a great talk with a guy thats in my group. He told my not discount my ability to lead even if I don't want to be *the* leader in the long run.

Fairshake keeps on fairshakin

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I pretended not to see anything out of the ordinary and proceeded to ask him the question I came in his office to ask. To be fair, I did knock first to give a chance to clear his screen. Guess I should've knocked harder.

Just accidentally caught my coworker watching what appeared to be youtube videos of women in bikinis? I guess that's the closest he felt comfortable getting to watching porn lol. I don't give a flying fuck as long as he doesn't rat me out for having social media open all day while I work.

This is a toot to let everyone know that @Horko is 1 year sober today and I'm so proud of them!!!!

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i groomed this dog today, her name is Pepper and she is 13 years old

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On the bright side, I'm now spending NYE playing music which is moreso what I wanted anyway.

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Merry Tuesday.

If you know who this character is, we are automatically best friends.