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Yeah so masto is my little lightly filtered diary that I share with people I trust + internet weirdos that I've consented to sharing with (most of the time, everyone our instance federates with; I public toot a lot). Don't fuckin share anything I've posted here anywhere else lol. Boost here as desired but what TaxDan posts on mastodon stays on mastodon.

Sure, someone could find me and see things I didn't want them to see but they'd have to figure out which weirdo instance I'm on at least. That's a good enough barrier for what I post here. Good luck finding the dirt, future snoopers.

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Intro to me (again). It's super long (again) 

Okay okay, I'll do a new post for the twitter migration folks. Hi! I'm Dan. Or TaxDan (more on that later). I'm and use they/them pronouns. I'm and . I'm an with a particular interest in police and prison . Into building communities and learning collective practices that make policing and prisons impossible.

I play drums for @DoctorDeathray and Her Implements of Destruction which is based out of Ellijay, GA and has the @ellijaymakerspace to thank for bringing us together! I have written music via singin' and piano'n in the past and I will again in the future!

I organize and am attempting to build multisexual (bi, pan, poly, fluid, queer, etc) community in Georgia via an organization called Bi+ Georgia. These days we mostly put on social events and discussion panels. We have a discord server. We're working (slowly bc we're all volunteers) on building more to help connect our people to each other and to the resources we need to survive and thrive.

I play computer games and switch games. I like to talk about that here because I know y'all are nerds like me who actually appreciate it. I also work a day job as an office admin in the accounting industry, which is why, when there were too many Dans in the music scene, I became TaxDan. I vent about my job a lot here.

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This is an exciting time for the fedi, man.

Yes, some are stuck in the past and will cling to their bigotry to retain whatever fictional ownership they think they have.

But the rest of us are talking. We're figuring it out. We're learning how to make our networks and community better in real-time.

Yeah, it's messy, but real progress often is.

In the last couple of weeks, I've had more meaningful conversations about the future of the fediverse as the defacto network for
anyone than I have in the previous years I've been in the fedi combined.

This is the fun part—this is where we create.

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New Linqua Franqa

This ain't biz as usual boss (nah!)
Yall aint finna continue to use us as pawns, we coming for ours
Stacking Ws in this jawn
We coming for everything and a union for all...

We providin the childcare,
we the baggage handlers,
we care for your elders, we security, we janitors
We makin the campus work, stackin hamburgers and now we standing up

Cause every worker on the planet earth
deserves to really thrive & a union for a all
I'm talking bout $25 and a union for all
I'm talking bout $35 and a union for all
We coming for everything and a union for all

Courageous even when it's dangerous to agitate
Been fighting to hike the wages since 2008
and when we change shifts wondering whether the patrons came in sick
and how does $7.25 an hour pay the rent?

But if it's David and Goliath
We the ones who are giant,
An indefatigable alliance,
Bargaining together cause we scraping when divided
And it's okay to be afraid but it's better when you're beside us, reciting...

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Grateful for the quiet office I had yesterday. Today everyone is here and getting on my nerves lol.

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Look important, be ready to part with a little coin, and you will have no trouble finding someone to go into the deepest abandoned mine and bring back the hindquarters of a giant spider, if that is what you wish. M'aiq assures you.

The "Daniel" spammer sent another email this morning.

"Daniel, just following up-"

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Lewd adjacent joke 

Fifty Shades of Gandalf the Grey

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commentary on a (conservative?) meme about oil, funny (to me) 

A conservative family member posted a meme on FB that said something like "tapping our oil reserves instead of drilling makes as much sense as tapping your 401k instead of going to work". I really wanted to comment "maybe it's time for the US to retire" but

a) burning oil for fuel is bad for climate change regardless on where it's coming from and I'm not sure whose saying otherwise to cause my conservative family member to post this

b) lol at the ears fuming that would happen for implying the US is on it's way out (it is, I hope), it would almost be worth it to watch the meltdown

Also PS this post is why I'm not a comedian and most people don't find me funny.

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Where are the Women & femme hip hop producers on #Mastodon & #Fediverse ?
I’m looking for music to feature for my organization’s 2023 mixtape.
My org centers, supports, uplifts, & celebrates women & femme hip hop artists. We do artist development, management, & produce no-misogyny events such as a conference, a retreat, & a showcase.
There’s a book about our movement: “Women Rappin’ Revolution”
My org:
Please Boost 💜

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When a superdense, concentrated mass forms a black hole, the laws of physics around it change, giving rise to an eldritch zone where the normal rules don't apply. When corporations form a concentrated industry, the laws of economics likewise change.

Take copyright: when I was a baby writer, there were dozens of comparably sized New York publishers. The writers who mentored me could shop their rights around to lots of houses, which enabled them to subdivide those rights.


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Microbiologists are larger than one might expect.

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Thanks laundry timer. You're right, I didn't need to reply to that toot.

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Very sad to hear about Elon Musk.

Nothing happened to him, I’m just very sad to hear about him.

Selfie, Eye contact 

Eyeliner + lazy sweater outfit = todays church look

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We Switch you a Merry Christmas.
We Switch you a Merry Christmas.
We Switch you a Merry Christmas,
And an ARPy New Year!

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