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Hi I'm Dan. I'm a bookkeeper in Atlanta but that's like the least important thing about me (other than it keeps a roof over my head). More importantly I'm a musician. Mostly drums but also playing piano and singing.

Solo stuff: https: honestyagain.bandcamp.com
Band I've been in for a while: likemikega.com
Band I more recently joined (old album I wasn't around for): fairshake.bandcamp.com
Album for another band I'm proud to have played drums for: sarahandthesafeword.bandcamp.c

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My good buddy Dan wrote a thing about being a queer, southern, christian, anarchist.


It's worth a read, if you have the time. He has developed in to a very good writer.


In which I talk about my journey to anarchism and how accepting my queer identity got me there:

I think my date went well???? Cute shy boy is hard to read. Cute shy boy has great conversations with me tho. So. Maybe it's a good start.

Hi Mastodon. I asked a cute boy out on a date last night at the Like Mike house show! My wife kinda set us up when she heard I had a small crush on him. He's super sweet and a bit shy and quiet. He works sound at Swayzes but also is an actor and (I think if I heard him right at the party) works at a theatre that shows plays n stuff! I'm super excited. I didn't realize it but Shayne says I've always talked about him a lot when his name comes up. Didn't realize I was so transparent lol.

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Happy New Year masto! This is how I spent my NYE.



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me: Yes, Zero, you can go out and play in the snow after dinner but you have to wear your warm coat.


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