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Hi I'm Dan. I'm a bookkeeper in Atlanta but that's like the least important thing about me (other than it keeps a roof over my head). More importantly I'm a musician. Mostly drums but also playing piano and singing.

Solo stuff: https: honestyagain.bandcamp.com
Band I've been in for a while: likemikega.com
Band I more recently joined (old album I wasn't around for): fairshake.bandcamp.com
Album for another band I'm proud to have played drums for: sarahandthesafeword.bandcamp.c

I've been feelin alright the last couple of days. I've been taking good care of myself I think and it's paid off. In the mood to spread some of those good vibes to you.

In case you had any doubts, please know you're worth loving and caring for. You're worth sticking it out through the hard times and getting better. All things will pass.

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Hey Tootopia, it's / time!

Im Ryan, known in hiking circles as Captain Underpants; call me Cappy

nongeek happy to talk music/records/jazz, literature, nomadic living and ultralight backpacking

I hiked over 3k miles this year on the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail. Looking to the Hayduke trail next autumn

Living out of my truck around Asheville, NC soon. I'll share what thats like on here.

@ajroach42 is my partner in crime off trail, I help where I can.

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I wrote some more of that song I posted lyrics to a while back:

It feels like a panic
It feels like a rage
When you're so desperate to hear your own name

The darkness screams right in your face and there's no relief cause it's all out of place

Pick up your fight
Bring out your soul
We'll be the light
We will be bold
..and you're not alone.

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I always wished I had telekinesis. I still wonder what life would be like if I could move things with my mind.

You might even say I was

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