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Hi I'm Dan. I'm a bookkeeper in Atlanta but that's like the least important thing about me (other than it keeps a roof over my head). More importantly I'm a musician. Mostly drums but also playing piano and singing.

Solo stuff: https: honestyagain.bandcamp.com
Band I've been in for a while: likemikega.com
Band I more recently joined (old album I wasn't around for): fairshake.bandcamp.com
Album for another band I'm proud to have played drums for: sarahandthesafeword.bandcamp.c

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*Waving @ all of you from work*


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Hey Nerds! How are you? I hope you feel the love.


My sister is going OFF at my dad on my FB post and calling him on his misogyny. It's pretty great. She never gets involved in things so this is important, not only because she's my dad's favorite and it means more but also because she's an English major and she can argue circles around him way more than I can. Anyway, I love my sister.

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LEGO releases "Women of NASA" set, featuring Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride and Mae Jemison:


(Although to be honest this shouldn't be a big deal, no? But it's cool nonetheless. :))

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Roses are red.
Gender's performative.
Your conception of romance
is heteronormative.

(Heard from a friend. Don't know the author.)

I am however very half decent at Toots.

Sometimes I don't know how to computers.

I'm using all these terms wrong probably! Sorry computer people. Oh well.

Ah cool the new deploy lets me do the split screen thingy (Home, Notifications, Local, Whatever I click on) with my small browser window I keep open at work. Before it would only show me one thing at a time when my window was small. Thanks @ajroach42 !

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Hi good afternoon. You're worthwhile.

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This is very important.

My mom just sent me this photo.

All five of her cats...are simultaneously in close proximity to each other???

#cats @cats mastodon.social/media/7BskPUbD

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