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@TaxDan - hardest working queer in the GA music scene
@Ethancdavenport - sadboy mountain man who has always been there for me.
@Username_Here_ASAP - Sadboy fantasy adventurer who will eventually make the funniest podcast you've ever heard
@Alkirk89 - Love of my life/Best Friend/The last word in cool
@RawPecans - A literal bag of uncooked pecans. Living in Colorado and having bad luck\\making bad decisions

Others, too, but that's a start.

@Ethancdavenport @TaxDan @Alkirk89 @RawPecans @ajroach42 we're both sadboy

I like to think I'm less sad and more mad bc that's more my emotional position

@TaxDan @Alkirk89 @RawPecans @ajroach42 @Ethancdavenport
We are the Sadboy. A omnimetrical vortex of half-full glasses, fastidious adherence to cynicism and hive mind.