Have to have a conversation after work where I will probably lose my relationship with my mom. So that will be fun.

Basically I'm letting her know that I will be wearing a dress at my throuple's commitment ceremony later in the year. Because otherwise she will say I ambushed her with it at the ceremony. Either way she would probably stop talking to me for at least a few years. Very fun.

My mom:
polyamory = cool
dresses = end of the world as she knows it

I basically have been prepared for this since I came to the conclusion that I want to wear a dress for this ceremony. And also since I realized that being closeted/hiding for others' sake causes me a lot of emotional distress and so I'm going to only be ridding myself of closets going forward, not going into them. This conversation was inevitable.


Conversation went *okay* as in the tone wasn't aggressive. There were some shitty things said in a pleasant voice when she talked about how she felt about it. Nothing I care to repeat here. She also said I supported her at her wedding and she wants to support me at my ceremony and she acknowledged that I've never demanded or even asked much of her in my identity journey (which is true! and she should say that!). She also wanted to read a book I referenced (Sissy by Jacob Tobia) that I said was good for parents. Didn't make a commitment to come to the thing or not. Expect to receive a long email and/or text after she talks to her shitty husband that encourages her bigotry.

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