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[dan] @TaxDan

What's up masto, we're (a bunch of women and the people who support them) logging off birdsite today to protest birdsite being shitty to women (as per usual). So you got my full attention for the day.

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@TaxDan Hey Dan. It doesn't totally suck here, so... Maybe that'll be long enough to convince you.

@viTekiM oh I know. I've been here a few months. I'm usually on both. But today I'm all yours!

@viTekiM oh I know. I've been here a few months. I'm usually on both. But today I'm all yours!

@TaxDan I was just about to post a toot asking how many people are taking in part in the boycott!

Anyway, we're glad to have you, hopefully the protest sends a message

For clarification, I've been here for a few months, I'm just using masto exclusively today. :)

@TaxDan didn't see what happened there, what did they do again ?

@Nynotna For one, they've continually suspended the accounts of women who speak out against abusers and harassers and others (I've seen it happen a few times), particularly those who's tweets get a lot of attention all while doing little to nothing about literal nazis making death threats and harassing people.

@TaxDan Only for the day? Stick around for a while. This is actually a really cool place to hangout online.

I haven't been on twitter for months and I don't really miss it.

@kelbot I've been here for a few months actually! I meant that I'm using masto exclusively today rather than using both :)

@TaxDan Wish I had known about this yesterday, but I rarely pay attention to twitter aside from, like, you and @RawPecans and @Username_Here_ASAP and if those last two would actually use Mastodon, I'd probably just delete my twitter.

@ajroach42 @Username_Here_ASAP @RawPecans I mean, I noticed most people I know, even like the activists n shit, didn't participate so 🀷