Church sermon, shooting mentioned 

One reason I go to this church is that while I don't particularly care whether or not there's an afterlife and am not convinced "God" is any one thing, these are messages I need to hear as the world gets darker. While couched in religious language for a religious audience, the message I got is that community and radical solidarity are the way forward and we are not alone.

Now we're watching an episode of Drivin that I don't think I've seen.

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I don't wanna brag too too much but it's so pretty!

Lol not me wearing black on Easter Sunday when I was asked to be the liturgist and speak in front of the congregation 😂

Selfies, eye contact 


So much euphoria.

More Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna to relax this evening.

Church stuff, snippet of my pastor's sermon this morning 

Gonna try and upload a video. Dunno if that works on here.

Our church is certainly not perfect but this was powerful coming from the pulpit. What brought me to tears that you can't hear very well in the video is my congregation loudly shouting "amen" to each of her statements affirming trans folks in our community (of which we have several including myself).

Bi+ GA streaming thing for Saturday works. Yay. Now time to watch NETV before sleeps. I always seem to catch videos of Doctor Deathray playing or the time I played with Hurly Burly. Anyway here's @djsundog

Went to my grandfather's old house in the mountains yesterday. Possibly for the last time. Pretty sad. It's got mold and rat droppings are everywhere. Smells terrible. Power was out. But otherwise a sturdy cabin. Apparently my dad and uncle are just gonna let it rot. My sister and I don't want to invest money into it unless we have a say in what happens to it (ownership). My uncle just wants to make money off of it. It's not worth anything as it is. Anyway here's some pics.

Eye contact, selfie with my dog 

After work hangs with Tohru the Beagle.

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