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Nasty Eagle Unemotional @Username_Here_ASAP

The reason “people are the monsters all along” is the scariest trope is because a person is just a ghost trapped in a skeleton trapped in a zombie.

A fearducken.

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@Username_Here_ASAP I’m positive you stole this but also I love it.

@Ethancdavenport you're fuckin right I did, freedom of humor. I take no credit. 1/3rd of my posts are of my own creation and get decent traction. Just want yall laughing.

@Username_Here_ASAP A body is a chrysalis designed to generate exactly 1 ghost, right? And since pregnant women exist, the number of skeletons inside people is >1.

Fun thoughts


"and this pattern is always the same?"

"with little variation. just turn off a few of their machines, and lawnmowers, and televisions, and sit back and watch the pattern."

--The Twilight Zone, "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street"

@Username_Here_ASAP we take just parts of ourselves to make the monsters

@Username_Here_ASAP a ghost trapped inside a big gooey brain trapped inside a skeleton trapped inside a zombie filled with blood

and it's constantly hungry