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I have some thoughts I need to sort out.

I need to build a suite of software, and some suggested hardware that represents the ideals to me.

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The world is a scary place, y'all. Things are getting worse all the time.

The actions of an individual don't really amount to a hill of beans in the grand scheme of things, but we're not an individual, we're individuals.

We're a community. We're a movement. We fix things, we make the world better.

Let's demonstrate what a better world might be like. Let's live like we are the first generation of the next world, rather than the last generation of the old world.

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Are you aware of any dedicated video cameras that ran on AA batteries?

Ideally, a digital video camera shooting to flash memory, but I'll take a tape if I have to.

One of these projects: Atari 2600 games.

I've played every atari 2600 game that was commercially released, and a bunch that weren't commercially released.

I took notes on them when I played them the first time ten years ago.

I started playing through them all again in 2019, but then 2020 happened and I stopped.

The idea was to write up a zine or 10 with a 1-2 paragraph description and review and a rating for each game.

But it turns out this would be alike a three year project.

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When I say "Reverse Scope Creep" I mean that I usually start a project with GRAND AMBITIONS and then scale the thing back until it's doable.

And sometimes I don't do well on the scale back.

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The other day I was talking about impossible projects that I take on knowing they are probably unfinishable. I don't do this because I don't want to finish them. It's just a matter of reverse scope creep.

I've gotten better about it. My projects are more manageable now.

But there are still some old impossible ones that I am desperate to work on.

Maybe one day I can do that full time.

Since we've been talking in this space about the Twitter/Musk deal today, I wanted to flag an interesting development on that front for you.

First, credit where it's due: I wouldn't have heard about this if it wasn't for the very good Opening Arguments podcast. If you're a layperson with any interest in the law at all, you should be listening to Opening Arguments.

So... (🧵​)

Well, I figured out the #SSH problem with #Gitea (the tricky part is actually a #YunoHost issue -- there's a line in /etc/ssh/sshd_config, "AllowGroups" that needs to have "gitea" added to it, to allow the SSH to pass through to the Gitea application for handling). 😎

However, now I have to actually be able to use Git, and I am a babe in the woods, there. 🥺

I've been playing with Miracast.

It works really well from all of my mobile devices (cellphones, tablets, etc) to roku devices.

I imagine, but I haven't confirmed, that it will work as smoothly to smart TVs, probably also to Android TV devices?

I dunno, I'm not 100% sure what Android TV is.

It seems like I should be able to do this from a linux box, or even *too* a linux box, but there don't appear to be any simple solutions for that? I keep seeing reference to something called Miraclecast, but that's not in my package repos.

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