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Andrew Roach @ajroach42

It took too much fiddling last night, and I still have more fiddling to do tonight, but I did manage to get (free)DOS installed in qemu.

Now I just have to figure out how to pass it a : so that I can change drives and install software. (The colon is under a layer of shortcuts by default, and army is ignoring my attempts to use it.)

@ajroach42 Does that have any kind of pointing device besides a capacitive touchscreen? A trackball, Trackpoint, or Wacom-type stylus would be ideal.

@freakazoid it has USB ports through which I can add one, but for now it’s just the touch screen, but in relative mode for qemu, rather than absolute mode.

So it works Wacom style.

@ajroach42 I was thinking with the radio transmitter in the stylus, angle & pressure sensitive, etc, while still being able to have a capacitive touchscreen for multitouch. Relative pointing is definitely better for using a touchscreen for things that aren't designed for capacitive touchscreens, but then you're covering part of the screen with your finger for no good reason :)

@ajroach42 Microsoft's Remote Desktop client for Android supports relative pointing mode, but it always takes some time for me to get used to it when I switch. It's by far the best mobile remote access solution I've used, though. Would probably work great on that.

@karyl the physical keyboard of the Gemini.

@ajroach42 Ohhhh I thought it was a regular smartphone. Dang that keyboard looks nice, like a ThinkPad keeb

@ajroach42 You should do a review of your Gemini :)