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When a lawyer is sent to hell their punishment is always the same. They get a seemingly fair trial where they can defend themselves, but unbeknownst to the lawyer the trial is always a mock trial. One lawyer figured this out and tricked the demons into filing paperwork for a legitimate trial.
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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

@WritingPrompts “ah shit, Bob, we got another human thinks he’s going to game the system.”

“What’d this one do?”


“Paperwork? This is hell.”

“He filed the paperwork for a fair trial”

“Oh, he’s a lawyer? Neat. A rigged trial normally leaves lawyers doin okay. Maybe 1000 years before we send em back up. A fair trail... he’ll be here forever.”

OTOH, if he's naive enough to believe in fair trials, he probably belongs in heaven and was sent to hell by mistake.