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@gcupc That's what sparked the shirt, yeah. But for me, it's dat.

I need to make a complementing shirt about Electron.

A companion to my Node T-shirt, here's one lamenting the number of interesting projects that ship in Electron.

@alice @gcupc

@ajroach42 @gcupc @alice Tee graphic unable to load. Out of memory. Please close all Electron apps.

@ajroach42 @gcupc @alice So true!Electron sucks so much!Please stop creating slow and extremely big shit using it!

@ajroach42 heh, i did not think this would _actually_ become a t-shirt, but bravo.

@brennen I ordered one for myself yesterday, but I'd already lost the original toot.

@ajroach42 Hehehe, what's up with the node/electron hating? :)

@ralph there are several node projects that are very difficult to install/configure because node changes pretty starkly from month to month, and npm is a trash fire.

Node apps also tend to underperform compared to other languages on underpowered hardware, but ymmv there.

Using electron applications means using multiple, outdated and insecure versions of chrome, at the same time. It’s a security and performance nightmare, especially on low RAM systems.

@ajroach42 Makes sense. I'm just so used to people hating on node because node hipsters and whatnot. Nice to hear some good arguments!

@ralph Nah, Node is just really frustrating to work with if you aren't a node developer.

And don't get me started on the NPM left pad debacle.

Node encourages people to re-use dynamic code from other folks for simple tasks that they could do on their own.

I've found so many phone-homes in otherwise dead simple npm packages. And it goes unnoticed, because you're always pulling the latest version.

@ajroach42 I wish people would stop making interesting things in anything but Node.

We need an accessible baseline.

@aral @ajroach42 Oh great, now you want Node to become the JVM? 😁

When we're re-implementing J2EE and Beans in JavaScript I lay all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth at your feet. 😼

@craigmaloney @ajroach42 @aral It *is* a better JVM than the JVM.

But yes, please keep EE off it.

@aral I have no idea what you mean by this, but I also really don't want to fight about node, so:

I hope you have a great life, and that we never discuss node again.