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@gcupc That's what sparked the shirt, yeah. But for me, it's dat.

I need to make a complementing shirt about Electron.

A companion to my Node T-shirt, here's one lamenting the number of interesting projects that ship in Electron.

@alice @gcupc

@ajroach42 @gcupc @alice Tee graphic unable to load. Out of memory. Please close all Electron apps.

@ajroach42 @gcupc @alice So true!Electron sucks so much!Please stop creating slow and extremely big shit using it!

@ajroach42 heh, i did not think this would _actually_ become a t-shirt, but bravo.

@brennen I ordered one for myself yesterday, but I'd already lost the original toot.

@ajroach42 I wish people would stop making interesting things in anything but Node.

We need an accessible baseline.

@aral @ajroach42 Oh great, now you want Node to become the JVM? 😁

When we're re-implementing J2EE and Beans in JavaScript I lay all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth at your feet. 😼

@craigmaloney @ajroach42 @aral It *is* a better JVM than the JVM.

But yes, please keep EE off it.

@aral I have no idea what you mean by this, but I also really don't want to fight about node, so:

I hope you have a great life, and that we never discuss node again.