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I wrote a blog post about palm pilots.

I haven't even spell checked it, and I'll probably do a second draft tonight or tomorrow, but the core points are out (and I'm a publish early and iterate often kind of guy)

This is just impressions that I have had from using a palmOne computer regularly over the last ~2 months.

@ajroach42 I filled my handspring with text files well after they weren't a thing anymore... A bunch of Gutenberg Project books, and in place of mp3s, song lyrics. I've got decent pipes ;)

Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

@twodimes I'm using plucker for ebooks and my RSS feed, and my palms have SD card slots, so I'm just using MP3s.

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@ajroach42 you're just reminding me how happy my early devices made me, like my handspring and 256mb Rio Cali mp3 player.... ;)