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I buy old toys sometimes.

I recently got this Johnny Blastoff, the BSG lunchbox.

Johnny is missing the back half of his backpack, and the lunchbox needs a new strap.

I don’t have any concrete plans to replace either, although I imagine both would be simple to make or buy.

Johnny Blastoff is kind of neat? But also scary.

He has the face of a fisher price child.

His backpack held batteries, and had a switch and a small electric motor.

He, himself, does nothing. But the bottom of his backpack had a little spinny port in it.

You'd sit johnny on spaceships and other vehicles that were unpowered, and a peg would slot in to the port in his backpack, and then Johnny's backpack would power these various contraptions.

This meant that Johnny was a little more expensive than other toys of his era.

But his accessories and gizmos were as cheap as unpowered stuff from other manufacturers, because you were sharing one motor among all the toys.

This meant that a Johnny Blastoff collection was cheaper, and less complex to own and take care of than other toys of the era.

Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

Also, his name was totally Billy, not Johnny.

Billy Blastoff.

Sorry about that.

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I also realize that I kind of misexplained how pricing worked.

Billy Blastoff cost more to *produce* than other toys.

But one motor meant that he could power multiple accessories.

These came in playset form. One billy, three ships/vehicles. For about the same price as one powered toy from another manufacturer.

Here, have some photos of Billy Blastoff toys.

Like I said, his face is kind of creepy.

But the idea is super neat, and I want the robot, and some of this ships.

Here is a video (on youtube :-() It is a commercial for the next model of Billy Blastoff. This one walked, which was even creepier.

And the commercial is shot and announced kind of like a Horror movie?

So, yeah.