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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

What's the most efficient audio codec for music?

I want to fit as much music as I can in 2GB without noticing the codec when I'm playing it back.

I'm assuming this means VBR MP3, but if you know of something better/smaller let me know.

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@ajroach42 Depends on the data, for speech there are specialized codecs but for music VBR-MP3 with a medium quality setting probably ends up winning out

@elomatreb @ajroach42 opus and some of the aac family are often quoted as transparency at lower bitrate? but,... people debate that a bunch.

um. what encoder you use also does impact quality / bitrate tradeoff, although iiii'm not super current on state of the art there. 🤷

@gdkar @ajroach42 One benefit of MP3 is that it gives you simple enough options, as in a single quality parameter

@gdkar @elomatreb Gonna try 64kbps opus and see if I can stomach it.

@ajroach42 vorbis is fine to me but there might be better options.