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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

200 tracks down from 5.6 GB in flac to 400MB in opus.

14 hours in 400mb.

28.8 MB/hour

I'm listening to Art Blakey right now, and I don't notice the codec too much. But I'm also on the builtin speakers.

I'll A/B FLAC vs Opus with my nice headphones tomorrow so that I can make sure I understand what I'm missing.

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Like, this is tolerable.

I'm not hearing any overt artifact. I'm not missing much.

It feels... smaller? Like, the sounstage has been compressed. There's less room between the notes. There's no air in it.

But it sounds at least as good as what I stream from google play music.

@ajroach42 Supposedly opus at a bitrate above 160 k is not lossless but acoustically transparent. Human ears can't hear the difference. Supposedly.

@art Well this is 64k VBR.

So, I'd expect it to sound like unlistenable garbage.

mp3s at this bitrate are basically unenjoyable.

@ajroach42 64 is not bad. You'll be able to tell though.

@art I was expecting garbage. The fact that what I got isn’t garbage is heartening.

I have external HDDs with my music library in Flac. It’s like 2TB.

I’ll listen extensively tomorrow, swapping between the original flac and the tiny opus.

If I’m not disgusted when opus tracks come on, I’ll call this a success. I’ll then convert that 2TB of Flac files down to, what, 60GB?

Stick that on an SD card, and actually have my music library available on my laptop.


Since I don’t currently have my home media server working, this will solve major problems for me.

@ajroach42 I'm sure that's exactly how The Jazz Messengers would have wanted it.

"Man, people in the future will compress the shit outta this next one" - Bobby Timmons

@vease I mean, I have an original '58 pressing, too.

But traveling with a collection of music and the equipment to play it back in that format is ... cost prohibitive and heavy.

Not to mention, AM radio was still the dominant way to listen to music in the 50s, and the Jazz Messengers performed on radio and TV often enough.

This sounds significantly better than that.

So, if it's not what Art wanted, that's fine. He's been dead for 28 years, and music belongs to the listeners.

@ajroach42 From my limited experience of jazz and jazz clubs, as long as you're within a haze of cigarette smoke you're half way towards recreating a live experience.