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Played the game boy color Pokémon trading card game game for an hour or so, and managed to finish a single tutorial and one match.

I loved this game as a kid, and I spent Hours customizing my decks and honing my strategy, and there’s So Much customizing and honing required in order to even be competitive.

But once you’ve done it, iirc, the game is too short to justify having done it.

Anyway, it was a fun diversion for an hour.

Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

when I was a kid I didn't understand why they needed a facsimile of the Pokemon trading card game as a gameboy game when the gameboy had the actual Pokemon games, and also I didn't understand why the changed the rules to the game for the gameboy game (but only in small, weird ways.)

1) The TCG plays way differently from pokemon, in ways I didn't notice as a kid. It's much harder, and less grindy

2) The TCG was apparently immensely popular on it's own, like more popular than I realized.

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3) They changed the rules to make the games faster. I didn't notice as a kid, but one 4-prize round took me over an hour to complete last night. If we'd been playing by the original rules, it could have taken much longer.

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4) I don't remember if this game had multiplayer, but if it did, that'd be really cool. I don't know if any emulators implement multiplayer correctly, and I know the odroid Go doesn't have any multiplayer in it, but being able to play a card game like Pokemon over networked (internet?) multiplayer, via an interface like the one presented by this cart, would be super neat.

I know that there are ways to play a networked MTG with ... Lackey, I think? and I know games like heartstone exist, but ...

Lackey is complicated to set up and configure, and really does not encourage casual play.

Hearthstone is bundled with micro-transactions, and that's GROSS.

Plus both of these things miss the bit that I think really makes :pokeball: TCG worthwhile: the single player campaign.

There's still an element of randomness to the cards you can have available, but you get more cards by beating the single player campaign. You don't buy your way in to better cards, or build theoretically perfect decks.

anyway, Network aware, single player, card game based RPGs, with online or LAN multiplayer would be fun.