I feel like this is a weird opinion, but: I like game controllers that use AA batteries. I have a pile of rechargeable AA batteries. They seem to last longer than proprietary packs or non-removable cells and work in lots of things.

@lmorchard Put AAs in *all* the things.

(For that matter, I have a friend that converted her *e-cig* to use AAs in the most janky manner. Apparently Eneloops are low enough internal resistance that it actually worked OK.)

@djsundog @bhtooefr Right?! I'd totally put up with a 3/4" thick phone if I could slot AA's into it.

Okay maybe I'd complain a little but I would wear the AA bandolier well

@lmorchard @djsundog I mean, I have actually carried a 0.71" thick smartphone (HTC Touch Pro) as my daily driver in the past, and I've got an 0.70" thick one (HTC Touch Pro 2) right next to me...

A slider would be right out, but a candybar… the RIM 850/950 were 0.9" thick with a AA behind the screen, and that was 1990s tech.

@lmorchard @djsundog (Switching instances because I wanted to do some tootin' from a thicc device, and the WM6.1 TLS implementation doesn't play nice with m.s.)

Really, I find the obsession with thinness in modern devices misguided anyway - make a chomnk of a device, nicely fill the hand, rather than have a slab that the hand has to contort to hold...

@djsundog @bhtooefr I've got a 8086 compatible palmtop PC somewhere in the basement that loved some AAs. I should dig that thing up someday

@lmorchard @bhtooefr @djsundog neat!

I just picked up a tidalwave 386, but I’m getting display issues.

So still just the LX for me.

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