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Can someone please explain to me why, in 2018, target is selling this?

Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42


WCW hasn’t been a thing in, what, 17 years?

And black and white nWo lost the belt with the finger poke of death in Atlanta in, I think, 1999. I was there! This is a product that hasn’t been relevant in 20 years.

But it’s on the shelves!

I even saw a Bill Goldberg action figure, with “Spear” action.

I’m perplexed. Who is this for?

They also had, get this, crossfire.

You remember crossfire?

Original box art and everything.

I don’t know who this is for, either.

@ajroach42 unequivocally the most memorable theme song for 90s toys

@ajroach42 90s kids that have grown up and are starting to get nostalgic. Same reason a lot of Nicktoons are getting new seasons/movies.