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I got my C64!
And my TV!
And the power supply for the C64!

But one of these things (or possibly more than one of them) is not working, and I have no way to figure out which, because I only have one thing with RF out, and only one thing with BNC/coax/RF in, and one power supply for the commodore.

So, tomorrow I’ll hit up some thrift stores and buy some extra gizmos for testing (assuming local thrift stores have anything I can use for testing.)

Ideally I’ll find a TV and a VCR. I can use the TV to test the commodore and the VCR to test the other TV.

Plus the VCR will have RCA outputs, so I can use it to capture RF signals with my capture card.

Of course, that will only help me narrow things down. It is still possible that my power supply for the c64 is bad (it’s a new aftermarket part from c64 forever) or that there’s something wrong with the cable setup I’m trying to use.

But I won’t know anything without more inputs.

The TV works fine, but only accepts composite inputs.

The commodore can do composite out, but not with the cables I have.

The commodore can also do RF out, but I have nothing that can take an RF signal, much less convert it to composite.

I’ll hit local thrift stores for a VCR this weekend.

Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

(And I’ve already ordered the right video output cable.)