So web browsers are bad, right?

And web browsers being bad is making the internet bad, right?

Or maybe the internet being bad is making web browser bad.

Doesn't matter.

The upshot is that we should stop using bad web browsers recreationally, and stop using services that can only be accessed from bad web browsers.

And when that isn't possible, build alternatives that work from not bad browsers.

That's why I'm so happy that Brutaldon exists.

So, what are the core features a good web browser should have?

What shouldn't it have?

If you were redesigning the web, today, knowing what you know about popups, cookies, malicious javascript, etc. What would you design?

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This is one of the reasons I love .

The Gopher protocol, bolted on to a basic rendering engine could actually do something pretty special.

I like inline images, for example. I'd love to be able to render documents with a stylesheet of my choosing. I'd like to see some very basic markup, and hypertext linking.

But that's it.

No client side code. I'm okay with first party cookies, because they enable some good behavior, but they should be transparent and Obvious.

In my head, a gopher browser with a markdown rendering engine, with support for inline images and in document hyperlinks would be something close to an ideal balance.

Not perfect, but close.

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@ajroach42 I love this approach, but I personally can't and won't throw my eggs in the gopher basket as long as there's no encryption and no authentication.

It's pretty damn useful to share documents privately.

@ajroach42 so i don't understand most of what you've said in this here toot thread but i can tell you i measure response times in chrome in the seconds or tens of seconds, to say nothing of the minutes for my laptop outside of chrome.

it stinks and i would indeed like an alternative.

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