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Andrew Roach @ajroach42


I am looking for a set of rules and additional resources that meet the following criteria:

- simple, pick up and play. Easy to understand for beginners .
- starship mechanics, with facilities for bridge based ship to ship combat, and optionally some fighters
- long range and hand to hand combat
- ftl travel
- is not pathfinder
- at least a small number of prebuilt modules

I’m fine with combat heavy, I’m fine with combat lite.

I’m just looking for some bones

@remotenemesis @ajroach42 Other than SWN I’d say Classic Traveller, or the Mongoose Traveller variant thereof, note the SRD, – and keep an eye on

@ajroach42 Basically I'd say this: SWN is a bit like classic D&D: roll 3d6 for some attributes, roll for hitpoints, armor class, classes for characters, character levels. Traveller is totally different: roll up a character that went through a career, end up with adults in their forties and fifties, practically no advancement, go.

@kensanata "This was hard-boiled fiction at the edge of an interstellar empire!"


@kensanata @aeonofdiscord @remotenemesis So I've spent the last hour and change reading through Cepheus and Traveler resources , reviews, and information.

I really appreciate you sharing this.

It's not really what I was originally looking for, but it has my interest, and it has my gears whirling.

So thanks!

@ajroach42 Star Frontiers from the mid 80s might be close? I never busted it out, personally.

@ajroach42 I hate spearheading scheduling efforts otherwise i would asap

@Username_Here_ASAP I'm looking at Traveler and Star Frontiers right now.

I haven't made up my mind in either direction.

The idea is to do a one shot or a two shot around the holidays as a way to ramp us to JG.

@ajroach42 ahhh nice! Could pillage a ruleset and rename/retool everything and release WITH the audio stuff. A podcast that comes with its own tabletop game.

@Username_Here_ASAP certainly could. Rules to games are not copyrightable in the US. Just presentation.

@ajroach42 look for a Powered by the Apocalypse system.

@ajroach42 despite Star Trek Adventures has most of that, short of I’m not sure how easy it is to grasp for beginners. I taught it to my group without them looking at a rule book, but they’re all pretty experienced.

@KevSaund hmm. I wasn’t aware of Star Trek adventures.

@ajroach42 I really enjoy it! It is heavily themed, so if you’re into Star Trek I recommend checking it out!


I would suggest Starfinder. It's not as simple as something like 13th Age, but it does hit all the other criteria.

Also it is made by Paizo but is far, far less overgrown and much simpler than Pathfinder.

@ajroach42 hope you don't mind me pinging my wife @bestdragon3 to look at this when she's home -- she has a large collection of rulesets and would likely be able to provide you with something


I'm at least 99.999% sure you'll find something that meets that criteria somewhere here.

@ajroach42 fantasy flight games Star Wars runs on custom dice but is pretty simple to grasp and there are conversion charts. It skews to success more often than not. I learned it while playing pretty easily. Lots of books and extra details but the main play is simple especially ##With pre gen.

@ajroach42 I don't know if it will be out soon enough for you, or even if it fits your criteria, but someone I know is working on spaceships and starwyrms, a starfinder style adaptation but built on the principles of 5e instead of pathfinder.

@ajroach42 I've just started reading Scum & Villainy, but from what I understand, it should cover your needs.

It's combat lite.

@Yoric Thanks!

I'm looking at traveler right now, but I'll keep it in mind.

@ajroach42 I heard good things about Traveler, too.

Have fun!

I hope I'm not only adding noise. Anyway I suggest also diaspora (I tag its developer @Halfjack ). It has a simple system, the old version of fate, or at least, simple for me. In fact It is a system that contains "narrative" elements so it is a bit different than the usual ones. And this aspect could make it seems strange. Anyway I think it's a simple system.

@tartarosso @ajroach42 Thanks for the mention, though I'd point out that it misses a significant criterion -- no modules. If space opera is more the idea (aliens and mysticism) then our Elysium Flare also misses the same mark. It does have a cool first-person space combat system though.

@Halfjack @tartarosso the prebuilt modules but is the least important bit.

I’m going to write my own, ultimately, I was just hoping for some resources to aid in that.


And if you can choose to use or not to use the subsystems for tactical combat,ships combat, and social combat, and use instead Tha base conflict system. So it has scalable complexity.
They HAVE already suggested powered by apocalypse games. I'm sure there at least 2 published pbta that can fit your needs. One should be impulse drive.