So web browsers are bad, right?

And web browsers being bad is making the internet bad, right?

Or maybe the internet being bad is making web browser bad.

Doesn't matter.

The upshot is that we should stop using bad web browsers recreationally, and stop using services that can only be accessed from bad web browsers.

And when that isn't possible, build alternatives that work from not bad browsers.

That's why I'm so happy that Brutaldon exists.

So, what are the core features a good web browser should have?

What shouldn't it have?

If you were redesigning the web, today, knowing what you know about popups, cookies, malicious javascript, etc. What would you design?

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Everything except for client-side scripting and stuff that is only useful with it, automatic loading of pictures or other embedded elements unless hosted on the same server as the page and the expectation that the client faithfully follows the style sheet.


The problem with the modern web browser is that it's become a software runtime. This is handy for writing lightweight(ish) clients and games but 95% of the web is just documents.

So every document is potentially a program without looking like one and a huge amount of effort goes into (semi-successfully) trying to keep those secret programs from harming us.

So I say cut the Gordian Knot: use a document reader when reading web pages and the app runner ONLY on websites you trust.


@suetanvil that’s the idea I’m considering here, yeah.

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