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Still Andrew (I guess) @ajroach42

Had a brief outage (about three minutes) because my cron job to truncate log files wasn't running, and I had multiple 10GB log files.


Problem solved.

You can proceed with your day.

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@staticsafe It's a problem I've solved before, I just forgot to reenable the script I use to handle that shit after the last time I disabled it while I was doing maintenance.

And I had turned on some extra logging while I was troubleshooting a thing, so it was just going ham.

@ajroach42 @staticsafe Ahhhh yeah I've done that before. "Hmm I'll add a config for these logs in /etc/logrotate.d later, but I'll get to that later, for now I've gotta figure out quite what's going on here, gonna turn up the logging verbosity..."

[Time, and many gigabytes of log files, pass]