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a lot of shaky paws later, this worked... up until i closed it and one of the pads ripped out...

no mind, i have about 4 or 5 other connectors to work with...

third one in this style and i still don't know how to open it without ruining the case

except this one doesn't have a pcb..

let's try the other one i have like that which is cleaner then (and the case is in clamshell style which is easily openable) and keep this as backup

as expected the cable without a pcb or resistors makes the iPod say it can't charge with it, but at least it works for super slow trickle charging and sync.


i'm a bit sad that i had a working charging cable but it self-destroyed when closing up and the other one was potted (i actually tried to remove the rubber material but ripped another pad in the process so i gave up on that)

maybe one day i'll decide to waste money on another one of these cables but for now overnight charging is fine for me i guess

lol never fucking mind i mustve messed something up because the computer won't see it

oh well no new music on my ipod

do i just try swapping d+ and d-? i followed the other plug's wiring but maybe that one had white and green reversed who knows

haha suck it

i used the other plug that i kept as backup and somehow that one works for charging and sync ???????

wonder if it has resistors hidden inside it

oh wait no i took so long soldering i forgot what i actually did

i didn't swap the 30pin connector, i swapped the usb cable with another one with better shielding?

eh i don't understand how these cables work anymore

had to resolder everything a couple of times because wires kept breaking but here's the final result, finally

and with just as much hot glue as the previous iteration