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Finished TNG.

Now we're watching First Contact, which is the better of the two Star Trek TNG movies, and honestly one of my favorite episodes of Star Trek specifically, and one of my favorite films in general.

Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

The two TNG movies, by the way, are First Contact and Insurrection.

Generations and (most of) nemesis never happened.

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@ajroach42 I'm okay with Generations as a casual movie, even if it is clearly fan service and an excuse for William Shatner to show off his horse ranch.

100% agree on Nemesis though. *shudders in disgust*

@bobstechsite @ajroach42 If I were rating on quality, I'd probably put Generations ahead of Insurrection, but I have an odd fondness for the Imazadi plot line, which wins Insurrection points in my book

@codesections @bobstechsite

Insurrection is a decent two part episode. It's not a great movie, but it's a decent episode.

Generations has too many winking at the camera moments for me.

@ajroach42 you mean Generations "never happened" because they go back in time and prevent it from happening, right?

Nemesis is the only one I've actually never seen. Why did that one not happen?


It's a bad movie. Badly written, poorly directed.It's disrespectful to the characters and to the themes that star trek traditionally stood for.

I don't accept it as part of my personal star trek cannon.

@ajroach42 What do you think of ST: Discovery?

I watched the first few episodes with high hopes but didn't finish the season -- it was focusing way too hard on the military side of Star Trek, which isn't the side that interests me


ST:DISCO started really rocky, and I was ready to give up on it.

But there was a turn, a reveal, at the mid-season which nullified my previous complaints.

It left me with a bunch of new complaints, but they were smaller complaints.

I liked it. It wasn't perfect, but there's room for a good story in there.

@ajroach42 cool, maybe I'll give it another chance then.

@ajroach42 Season 1 was cringe cringe criiinge in several ways, and in new ways in each episode, but not enough to keep me away, and there is a distinct possibility that Season 2 might avoid most of the cringe and there are reasons why I might really like it, mostly the cast. I think the DIS cast was excellent in Season 1, and the effects, makeup and costumes were excellent too, all blame lies on the scriptwriters.