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Andrew (R.S Admin) @ajroach42

Can OSX seriously not write to NTFS partitions in 2019?

There's no cross platform standard for multi-TB external disks?

I can't believe that we have regressed this far.

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@ajroach42 Knowing Apple, it's entirely possible that the feature was present in earlier versions of OS X and has since been taken out.

@Reinderdijkhuis Nah, it's never worked.

I just figured they would have fixed it by now.


Why would you want to leave Apple products, devices, services, formats or partitions once you're using them?

My Mac is almost 12 months old, there's a new model coming out, and I can't afford to replace it! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

@AceNovo @ajroach42

I was being sarcastic about the cult of apple and how they say all the time that they're perfect and don't need to change, but I apologise as I should have considered the economic implications too. Apologies.

I thought I piled on enough emojis to show that I was rolling along with the joke. 😎

I have a late 2015 Mac I bought for a job. May it live forever, caused dammed if I ever buy another πŸ˜‚

@AceNovo @ajroach42

Oh, sorry, they don't display properly in this client for some reason and I wasn't sure if you got it or not, so I thought I'd play on the safe side, heh.

I hope it lasts a long time for you too :)

@ajroach42 NTFS is patent β€œprotected”, and Apple may not want to pay a licence to include RW ability to macOS. But you still can install NTFS-3G for that.

@ajroach42 It can but you either jump through a bunch of weird command line machinations to do it, or you get Paragon NTFS and have it do it for you.

And you're right, BSD can read/write NTFS, so there's no reason in hell Darwin/macOS can't. Other than Apple being anjackass about the functionality.

@cyberpunklibrarian You have to reboot in to recover mode and remove the built in mount tool.

IT's a damn mess.

I guess this drive will get backed up and reformatted to ext4 at some point.

@ajroach42 I have to use OSX for Ableton and this is a heckin nightmare.

One solution i found was to share the drive over the network using Samba. Then it doesn't matter what filesystem is underneath.

These days how're I just buy multiple smaller drives.

@kawaiipunk that’s a decent idea! Thank you! I’ll do that!

@ajroach42 SFTP should work also as I understand it if Samba is too frustrating.

@ajroach42 I don’t do a lot of cross platform file sharing. But Fuse can probably do Linux stuff (ext3) on Mac and Windows (and Linux obviously).